Who are the strongest fighters in Mobile Legends?

The strongest fighters in Mobile Legends are Paquito, Chou and Yu Zhong, however, players can also choose Roger, Leomord and Guinevere.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game. In the game, players get to choose a hero to fight in a match. The two opposing teams then fight to reach and destroy the enemy’s base, however, they also need to defend their own base. Players use three ‘lanes’ known as top, middle and bottom to reach the opposing team’s base. Weaker computer-controlled characters, known as minions, spawn at team bases. The minions follow the three lanes to the opposite team’s base while fighting enemies and turrets.

The in-game characters are divided into six different classes, such as the assassins, tanks, fighters, mages, marksmen and support. Fighters are experts when it comes to clashes. They have adaptable skills to cater to their team’s needs. Even though they are not as sturdy as tanks, they can be very flexible.

Fighters usually have high damage and defence. Therefore, fighters should be on the frontline during team fights, in order to be the initiator. The best fighter to choose is Paquito, as he does a high amount of damage and has high defence. This makes him a formidable match in any situation.

However, Chou is also one of the best fighters to choose, as he has much to offer. His ‘Jeet Kune Do’ ability can be used to control fights. His ‘Shunpo’ skill allows him to dash and also grants him some immunity.

Chou excels at disrupting and isolating enemies, which makes him a terrifying target. It comes as no surprise that he gets banned in high tier-ranked matches. If Paquito and Chou are already picked, or have been banned, players can choose Yu Zhong. He also has a lot to offer, from high damage, high defence, to exceptional regeneration.

Yu Zhong can easily become a formidable fighter, especially during the laning phase. Additionally, he can also provide ‘crowd control’ with his area-of-effects (AoE) skills. He is often described as a nuisance in team fights.

Players can also choose Roger, Silvanna, Zilong, Leomord and Guinevere if the above-mentioned fighters are unavailable.

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