Who are the best gathering Generals in Evony?

The best gathering General in Evony is Queen Jindeok, and she can be purchased from the tavern for 21 000 000 gold.

Gamers can build an empire from the ground up in this thrilling video game, Evony: The King’s Return.

In the game, you can vanquish enemies, gather resources, train troops, recruit Generals, and participate in several in-game events. Some players want to know which Generals are best for gathering resources.

What does a gathering General do?

There are more than 30 Generals in Evony. Each General has a set of unique skills, which determines their speciality. The gathering Generals generally add several buffs to your troops when they are gathering resources.

To activate these gathering buffs, the gathering General has to be leading the army to the resource nodes. In theory, a gathering General specialises in gathering resources, thus, he or she should not be used to lead an attack.

That being said, the gathering General and your troops may be attacked while gathering resources. Although the General does not specialise in battles, they will fight the enemies, but you may lose the battle.

Who are the best gathering Generals in Evony?

In order to progress in Evony, players have to gather large amounts of resources on the world map. Fortunately, you can assign gathering Generals to help you gather the maximum amount of resources.

It is noteworthy that some gathering Generals are considered better than others, as they provide more useful buffs.

Ideally, your Generals should possess skills that grant a resource bonus from gathering and a gathering speed buff.

We recommend that you have Queen Jindeok for each of your free marching slots as she has a fantastic political stat, which also increases gathering speed.

Moreover, Queen Jindeok also has the best gathering bonus buff in Evony. However, it is not always possible to procure her in the early stages of the game.

Alternatively, you can use Princess Lucy and Constance I as your gathering Generals. Players can cultivate these Generals’ political statistics to improve their gathering speed.

Of all the gathering Generals, you should only upgrade Queen Jindeok, since in this case, you will not be wasting skill books or gems on the other, less impressive gathering Generals.

To increase your gathering buffs, you should add points to the  “Gathering Boost” category in your talent tree. This will add an additional 20 percent resources gathered bonus.

The goal is to have 5 Queen Jindeoks in your arsenal to lead your gathering troops, but this is not always possible. Fortunately, you can use several other Generals while you are collecting Queen Jindeoks.

Best Evony Gathering Generals

Below, some of the best gathering Generals in Evony are outlined along with their special skill:

General Special skill
Queen Jindeok After resource gathering, she brings back an additional 40 percent of resources from the world map resource spots. Furthermore, the General includes an additional 20 percent of resources from Alliance Resource spots.
Shimazu Yoshihiro This General brings an additional 30 percent food from farms on the world map. Moreover, the resource-gathering speed increases by 10 percent.
Gaius Marius He increases ore gathering speed by 30 percent while the lumber and stone gathering speed are increased by 15 percent.
Constance I This General brings back an additional 20 percent of resources from resources nodes and the troop load has increased by 20 percent.
Princess Lucy She increases resource-gathering speed by 15 percent.

How to acquire Queen Jindeok

Queen Jindeok is the best gathering General in Evony. In order to procure her, you have to open the tavern in your empire. Queen Jindeok can be found under the Korea category and costs approximately 21 000 000 gold.

Players should keep in mind that she is not always available for acquisition. Therefore, you have to check which Generals can be purchased in the tavern regularly.

Who are the best gathering Generals in Evony?
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What do the colors mean for Generals in Evony?

The color of the border around the General’s portrait indicates their rarity. There are 8 rarity types in Evony, which are:

Border color Rarity
Gold Epic
Purple Legendary
Blue Rare
Purple Uncommon
Green Common

In addition to these rarities, you could come across a Purple Historic and a Gold Historic General. These are Generals based on real-life Generals who impacted world history.

Who are the top range Generals in Evony?

In Evony, you can also use ranged Generals to attack enemies. Some of the top ranged Generals in Evony are:

General Special skill
Minamoto no Yoshitsune The attack of ranged troops increases by 25 percent. However, if the General is assigned to any dragon, the ranged troops attack will increase by an additional 15 percent.
Alfred the Great Increases the ranged troops’ attack by 30 percent.
Simeon the Great He increased ranged troops and siege machines’ attack by 20 percent. If he brings a dragon, the ranged troops’ attack is increased by an additional 15 percent.

Who are the top 5 Generals in Evony?

The top 5 Generals in Evony are determined by whether you are a free-to-play player or a pay-to-play player. The top 5 Generals are:

Category Top 5 Generals
Paying players
  • Edward III (Ranged PvP)
  • Shajar al-Durr (Defence)
  • Zhao Yun (Monster Hunter)
  • Hojo Ujiyasu (Subordinate city: Attack)
  • Ashoka (Keep duty officer)

It is crucial to note that you are not obligated to spend real money in Evony. However, the paid Generals are considered a bit more effective than the free Generals.

That being said, you can still progress in Evony if you never use real money to get a General.

Which Generals are the best for free-to-play players?

As a free-to-play player, you can collect powerful Generals. Although these Generals are usually not as powerful as the premium options, they are relatively easy to acquire without spending real money.

However, you need duplicates of these Generals to ascend them, which is key to maximising their utility.

The best Generals for free-to-play players are:

  • Queen Jindeok
  • Hannibal
  • Kusunoki Masashige
  • Elektra
  • John I of Portugal
  • Abd al-Rahman I
  • Yi Sun-sin

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