Which Destiny 2 DLC should you buy in 2023?

Destiny 2 players should always attempt to purchase the latest DLC for the game as it introduces the new best-in-slot gear and weapons.

Gamers can enjoy imaginative role-playing elements in this adventurous video game, Destiny 2: New Light. The game takes place in the vast open world of Sol, in which you can assume the role of a Guardian.

Since its release, the game has received a lot of downloadable content (DLC), thus, some players have wondered which DLCs they should buy in 2023

What is a DLC?

Downloadable content is additional content that is created for a video game that is already released. These expansion packs are generally distributed throughout the internet by the game’s publisher.

Some DLC can be added to the game for no extra cost, but most expansion packs are in the form of video game monetisation.

This gives the publisher an  additional revenue from a title after it has been purchased. DLCs often range from cosmetic items, such as skins, to new in-game content like gaming modes, levels, characters, and regions.

Although you do not have to purchase DLCs, they form a key component of the game. This is because DLCs introduce new quests for you to complete as well as new gear and armour that you can farm.

Which Destiny 2 DLC should you buy in 2023?

Since Destiny 2’s release, it has received 6 unique DLCs, each of which introduced new content for you to enjoy. As a new Destiny 2 player, it can be confusing to know which DLCs you have to purchase in 2023.

You can purchase all of the previous DLCs if you want to experience their content, however, this will be quite expensive. If you are interested in purchasing a DLC, it is recommended that you buy the latest DLC, which is called Lightfall. The expansion was released in early 2023.

Which Destiny 2 DLC should you buy in 2023?
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Lightfall’s official description reveals that players can begin a journey that will reveal the hidden threads that binds everyone.

You will receive the ability to renew them and the mastery to weave them anew. With this new power in hand, you can find strength in your fellow Guardians and triumph in the face of annihilation.

Lightfall introduces the new best-in-slot (BIS) gear for every Destiny 2 class. If you purchase a previously-released DLC, you will be forced to follow an old character build which is not considered BIS anymore.

However, if you purchase Lightfall, you can equip your character with the best available gear, thus, your character’s strength, capabilities, and skills will improve.

However, if you are interested in additional content, you can also purchase The Witch Queen DLC, which was released in 2022.

That being said, you should only purchase this DLC if you intend to complete its story and not for farming gear, as the gear is outdated.

Which version of the DLC should you purchase?

The latest DLC, Lightfall, comes in 2 versions – the deluxe edition and the normal edition.

As a new player, you should purchase the normal version of the DLC to get you started in the game. You can then purchase the deluxe version of the following DLC to get additional items.

However, if you are a veteran player, it is advisable that you purchase the deluxe version, though it is not mandatory. The deluxe version comes with a year’s worth of Destiny 2 content.

The base version of Lightfall gives you the next expansion, all the new Exotics, a new raid and campaign, as well as the Strand power set.

The Lightfall deluxe edition includes extra cosmetics, a unique Exotic, all four seasons, and 2 new dungeons, which are scheduled to release in 2023.

If you are confident that you will play Destiny 2 for the entirety of 2023, you should purchase the deluxe version of Lightfall.

The Final Shape

Destiny 2’s developer, Bungie, announced that the game will receive another DLC which is set after Lightfall. The DLC, The Final Shape, is described as a transformative moment rather than an ending for Destiny 2.

Since Lightfall was released in early 2023, players may have to wait some time before they can purchase The Final Shape. However, the new DLC will allegedly launch in 2024, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Players should therefore purchase the Lightfall DLC, as The Final Shape is still being developed.

What is the price of DLCs?

As previously explained, you can access some DLCs for free, while others have to be purchased. The prices of all Destiny 2’s DLCs are as follows:

DLC name Price
Forsaken $19.99
Shadowkeep $24.99
Beyond Light $29.99
Bungie 30th Anniversary $24.99
The Witch Queen $39.99 for the normal version, and $79.99 for the deluxe version
Lightfall $49.99 for the normal version, and $99.99 for the deluxe version

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