Where is the captain in Deepwoken?

The Legion Captain is a type of enemy NPC that can only be found in Starswept Valley on Aratel Island.

Who is the captain in the Deepwoken?

Captain Orlandeau (more stylized as Cap’n Orlandeau) is a Panther Felinor captain of the Scoundrel’s Bounty. He initially first appeared as a tutorial guide for the game upon talking to him (in the form of a fragment of your memory) in the Fragments of Self and taking the Castaway Origin.

Where are the Legion soldiers in Deepwoken?

A Legion Soldier is an enemy NPC that can be found in Viper’s Jaw and the following events: Legion Soldiers vs Authority Footsoldiers event (Upper Erisia)

How do I access Deepwoken tutorial?

To start the tutorial, the player must talk to The Captain, agree to ‘get their memory jogged’ and wipe their character. Only after creating their character will they be properly introduced to the tutorial.

How do you get Legion Kata in Deepwoken?

To obtain it, you must help the Legion Centurion in the Legion vs. Adret event at Starswept Valley. It will take two successful attempts before the Legion gives you the commendation. Afterwards, once you obtain the commendation, you must go to The Viper’s Jaw in Erisia and turn it in to Amara.

The Captain. | Deepwoken

What is the rarest AXE in Deepwoken?

The Relic Axe is a Heavy Weapon of Legendary rarity that is only obtainable as a rare drop from Sand Knights found in the Starswept Valley.

What is the first weapon in Deepwoken?

2.1 Starting Weapons:

1 The Sword (Medium): 2.1. 2 The Battleaxe (Heavy):

Can you get lives back in Deepwoken?

When you die, you drop roughly half your notes and items, but the losses can be decreased through certain Talents. When you’re on your second life, your health bar will be stained. Leveling up will revert the health bar back to normal essentially giving your third life back.

What is Deepwoken verse 2?

Verse 2 was a massive update in Deepwoken that was released December 23, 2022. This included Map changes, new Combat Mechanics, progression reworks, balance changes, more islands, a new dungeon, new Weapons and Equipment, lore, Books, new songs, a new Luminant and new Talents.

Who is Brutus Deepwoken?

Brutus is an imprisoned Khan in the Fort Merit prison that allows you to unbind your Fortitude. Talking to him will prompt a beatdown that’ll knock you and leave you at barely any health.

Who is the golden warrior Deepwoken?

The Golden Warrior is a rare random encountered enemy NPC that spawns leaning on random walls in Erisia. It is also interactable by pressing the E key which will also prompt you with this dialogue: “Ah hello! Would you like to duel?

Where is Viper’s jaw in Deepwoken?

Viper’s Jaw is a cave found underneath Lower Erisia. A Legion camp is settled here, but isn’t full of many useful NPCs. The entrance can be found just past the Bandit village or underneath The Birdcage.

Did Deepwoken win an award?

Roblox on X: “Congratulations to @Deepwoken, winner of the Roblox Innovation Award for Best New Experience!

Who is the strongest in Deepwoken?

Who is the strongest character in Deepwoken lore? The Meat lord is the most powerful character in all of Deepwoken Lore.

What race is Duke in Deepwoken?

Duke Erisia is one of the main antagonists from the first Verse of the Roblox game Deepwoken. The Duke is a Celtor and the ruler of the island known as Erisia.

Can you play Deepwoken alone?

The NPCs are quite strong, and a player has to know how to parry, block and dodge properly to not die horribly which is the reason why the game is really hard for beginners who play solo.

Is Deepwoken a horror game?

Deepwoken is horror game | Fandom.

What can get you banned in Deepwoken?

Repeated posts / messages over a short time, and unnecessarily long comments. Using improperly templates across the Wiki. Posting in Discussions under the wrong category. Creating blog posts that have no relevance to Deepwoken or the Wiki, made as a joke or without any actual scope.

Does resetting count as a death in Deepwoken?

Resetting counts as dying, so apart from the PlayerRemoving event, you should use the Humanoid. Died event to know whenever a player resets or dies.

Did they remove luck in Deepwoken?

This page contains information regarding content that has been removed from the game and is no longer present. Luck was a feature in Deepwoken that affected the likelihood of rare or legendary Talent Cards appearing when you power up.

How long is a year in Deepwoken?

If one year passes (4 real life days), your character will get one year older, unless it gets wiped. The year will also change, for example 1273 to 1274.

Is Deepwoken a grinding game?

In Deepwoken, there are many ways to level up. Some of these ways are hard, while others are not. Most grinding in the game (especially when starting a character) will be challenging, but once you can parry well and use abilities, it gets significantly easier.

What is an M1 in Deepwoken?

M1 (airborne) Aerial Attack. Player moves forward in the air while attacking downwards with their weapon.

Is there a katana in Deepwoken?

The Katana is a Medium Weapon that can be obtained from chests found in Minityrsa, Songseeker Wilds, The Depths and Primadon. Additionally, it drops from Etrean Royal Guard at an uncommon chance and it can be sold by chili for around 90 notes. This weapon has a base damage of 18 and requires 25 MED to equip.

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