Where are the moons in Hogwarts Legacy?

There are approximately 33 Demiguise Statues that you can find in Hogwarts Legacy, and each statue contains a Demiguise Moon.

Players can indulge themselves in the Wizarding World in this venturesome video game, Hogwarts Legacy. The game is based on the well-renowned Harry Potter novels, however, it takes place prior to the novel’s story.

As you progress in the game, you will come across several collectibles. One of the collectibles is the Demiguise Moon Statues, and many players are curious about where these collectibles can be found.


There is a plethora of collectibles that you can procure in Hogwarts Legacy, and most of them are hidden in plain sight. The following table lists some of the collectibles that you can get:

Collectible Description
Brooms There are 13 different Brooms for you to collect. Each broom has a unique appearance that enhances your Quidditch experience.
Beasts Players can rescue beasts from Beast Dens in the Highlands to keep and nurture them in their Room of Requirement.
Floo Flames Floo Flames can be found in various areas around Hogwarts. They allow you to travel from one location to another instantly.
Butterfly Chests If you find butterflies, you should follow them as they will lead you to a hidden chest.

Where are the moons in Hogwarts Legacy?

In addition to the above-mentioned table, you can also find Demiguise Statues. These small, monkey-like creatures can vanish at will. You can collect all the statues to complete the collection.

At the time of writing this, there are 33 statues. These statues contain Demiguise Moons, and many players want to know where they can find the statues.

Although they may seem like simple collectibles, they can affect your gameplay greatly. This is because the moon influences one of the most useful spells in the game: Alohomora. The skill features 3 levels that each require a certain number of Demiguise Moons.

The locations of the Demiguise Statues in Hogwarts are as follows:

Location Explanation
Great Hall If you follow the Floo Flame, you will find a locked door on the right. Players can find the Demiguise Moon inside on a small table
Restricted Section of the Library You have to follow the stairs down into the Restricted Section where players will find a table near one of the eyeball chests. The statue is on the table.
Out of Service Toilets You will find a statue in the middle stall of the out of service toilets.
Divination Classroom The moon statue is on the professor’s desk.
Muggle Studies Classroom When you pass the sleeping dragon statue, you will find the Demiguise on the desk.
Beast Class The room on the right of the Beast class has a statue on the table.
Professor Fig’s Classroom You can find the statue near the fireplace in Fig’s office.
Potion’s Classroom From the Potion Class Floo, you have to enter the door in front of you and follow the stairs to the  door at the end, which opens to a hallway. The first door on your left will have the Demiguise Moon.
Hogwarts North Turn around from the Floo point and head to the left wall with a door by the stairs. The statue is behind the door.
Transfiguration Courtyard In the courtyard, you have to open the door to the left of the Floo system. To the right, there is a door framed by 2 gargoyles. The statue is on a table to the left.

The Caretaker’s Lunar

One of the quests that you have to complete is The Caretaker’s Lunar. Mr Moon will introduce you to his plight, which is that someone is bullying him by placing Demiguise statues around the school grounds.

After sneaking around, you will learn the Alohomora spell, which gives you the ability to open locked doors.

All players start at level 1, and in order to gain additional levels, you must collect Demiguise Moons. If you show the moons to Mr. Moon, he will teach you the higher levels of Alohomora.


Alohomora is the unlocking spell that allows you to enter all the locked doors in Hogwarts Legacy. Every time you open a lock, you will be met with a mini-game.

The goal of the mini-game is to move the red and green sparks into the correct position to release the lock.

The easiest way to do this is by starting with one colour before moving on to the next. The game can be quite tricky, so you may have to do it a few times to get it right.

Are there Demiguise Moons in Hogsmeade?

Demiguise Moons are not only found in Hogwarts, but in Hogsmeade as well in the following places:

Location Explanation
Gladrags Wizard Wear The statue can be found on the counter where the man is working.
Three Broomsticks A side entrance on the left of the building will take you up to the top. The statue is inside a locked door.
Tomes and Scrolls Behind a counter in a small room you can find a statue.
Waterwheel At the north of the map there is a house near the water wheel.
Hog’s Head The statue is in a room behind the bar.
Near J Pippin’s Potions The house next to the potion shop contains a statue.
East of Three Broomstick A house east of the Three Broomsticks contains a statue.
Dervish and Bangles If you go west of Gladrags, you can enter the shop and find the statue on the counter.
Edge of Hogsmeade There is a house on the far east of the map – open the door to find the statue.
Near the bridge by the water wheel There is a house just before the bridge of the waterwheel. The statue can be found on the shelf as you enter.
Where are the moons in Hogwarts Legacy?
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