What is KiXSTAr’s real name?

Michael “KiXSTAr” Stockley (March 9, 1997 – October 11, 2021) was an American/British Rainbow Six Siege caster who last worked for Ubisoft as a caster.

What happened to Kixatar?

Game publisher Ubisoft has paid tribute to former player Michael “KiXSTAr” Stockley, who died in October. The in-game plaque marking the spot he won a round of Rainbow Six Siege single-handed, killing five players in eight seconds, has won fan approval.

What is Oryx’s name r6?

Saif “Oryx” Al Hadid has lived an exceptional life. Torn from his family as a teenager, he was outside of Jordan – he won’t say where – when he was incarcerated.

What happened to Kikstar?

Rainbow 6 caster Michael “KiXSTAr” Stockley died in a car crash Monday, October 11. The news was confirmed by his mother via her social media, and a statement from his family released today. He was 24 years old.

What does nokk look like?

Like most operators, Nokk wears battle fatigues supplemented with boots, long sleeves, and gloves (her HEL Presence Reduction Device can be found on the outside of her left hand). Nokk’s face veil hides the rest of her exposed body, making it so that others cannot identify the person underneath.

The Story of KiXSTAr: The Heart and Soul of Rainbow Six Siege

Is Tachanka Russian R6?

In the video game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, there is a playable Russian operator by the name of Alexsandr “Tachanka” Senaviev, who operates a DP-27 light machinegun (which was originally on a tripod and had a bulletproof glass shield), and an incendiary grenade launcher.

What R6 characters are Russian?


  • Tachanka (Siege)
  • Glaz.
  • Brody Lukin.
  • Viktor Rudenko.

How old is KiXSTAr when he died?

Michael ‘KiXSTAr’ Stockley, Rainbow Six Siege caster, has died at the age of 24. Stockley was a caster, streamer and former professional player of the game. A statement from his former casting partner Parker ‘Interro’ Mackay broke the news on 11th October that he “passed away unexpectedly”.

Where is Pengu now?

On March 1st, 2021, he announced his retirement from competive play following 5 years in the scene. Long following his pro league retirement he joined DarkZero Esports as a content creator along side RyyFyy. Following KiXSTAr’s passing, Pengu joined Interro as his duo focusing primarily on colour commentating.

Why did Pengu retire?

Over the past few months, and even before, Pengu has often commented on the state of the game and his desire to take his leave from competitive play due to the immense stress and unhappiness stemming from the constant push for titles.

Is Nøkk a boy or girl?

Nokk’s real name is confidential information. She’s an Operator for the Jaeger Corps, and apparently has an interesting family history once you’ve been told her identity. Nokk was raised by her mother, and still remains close her to this day.

Is osa from r6 a girl?

When she was first introduced to the roster, this sentence had people wondering if Osa was a trans woman due to the word “transition.” Ubisoft confirmed soon after that this was a reference to Osa being transgender, something the team decided was part of Osa’s identity early on in order to have “an inclusive roster of …

What is Iana’s real name siege?

Nienke “Iana” Meijer (born in Katwijk, August 27, 1984) is an attacking operator featured in the Operation Void Edge expansion for Rainbow Six Siege.

What is the r6 Kixstar charm code?

Remember guys, you can grab the KiXSTAR charm, as well as the #SI22 charm by redeeming the following codes: KiXSTAR Charm: R6SI-SI22-4KIX-STAR Rocking Fan Chibi: R6SI-SI22-CHIB-CHAR redeem.ubisoft.com/rainbow6-siege…

How do you get Kixstar charms?

If you stay subscribed to the channel, you will automatically receive the new charms at the start of each season. Otherwise, you will need to resubscribe or redeem a code received while watching a stream. Each charm can be only claimed once per Twitch subscription.

What is Kixstar multiplier?

What is Kixstar sensitivity? Kixstar plays Rainbow Six Siege with a 0.00223 multiplier, on low DPI 400. Kixstar in-game sensitivity settings are 70/70.

Did Pengu break up?

Life update: Two weeks ago ry and I broke up, We’re still on good terms, we live together and are staying friends in each others life’s Please be respectful towards both Ry and Myself and our privacy while we work our way through it.

Did Beaulo quit?

Unfortunately, yes. Days before TSM’s departure from Rainbow Six Siege, Beaulo retired from Rainbow Six Siege.

How old is pengu?

How old is Pengu? Pengu’s birthday is Oct 07, 1997, so he is 26 years old.

Does KiXSTAr have a charm?

To claim your KixSTAr Tribute Charm for Rainbow Six: Siege, you need to redeem the code you received.

Is Zofia a mom R6?

Jana Bosak is a character mentioned in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction. She is the daughter of Zofia Bosak.

What are all 33 Russian letters?

There are 33 letters in the Russian alphabet. 10 vowels (а, э, ы, у, о, я, е, ё, ю, и), 21 consonants (б, в, г, д, ж, з, к, л, м, н, п, р, с, т, ф, х, ц, ч, ш, щ, and the consonant й which is sometimes a semivowel) and 2 pronunciation signs (the “soft sign” ь and the “hard sign” ъ).

Is Ace Russian r6?

Ace is one of the four hard breachers in Rainbow Six Siege. Ace is a Norwegian operator, named a very slick Havard Haugland. He is part of the Nighthaven squad and is known to be a hard breacher.

Is IANA albino r6?

Literal astronaut Iana is Rainbow Six Siege’s first albino operator but also the first to have been to space. Her deal is to create a life-sized hologram clone that moves and sounds just like her, perfect to fool defenders and get them to waste C4 or bullets on her.

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