What is Bungie’s plan for PvP in Destiny 2?

Joe Blackburn, assistant game director of Destiny 2, recently took to Twitter to announce some planned PvP improvements, which include new maps and a revamp of Trails of Osiris.

Destiny 2’s player versus player (PvP) community has been up in arms for a while. Between their frustration from a lack of new maps and cheating in the pinnacle Trails of Osiris game mode, players focused on the Crucible have felt ignored for some time.

The game’s Witch Queen expansion will be revealed to the world on 24 August 2021, but ahead of that, assistant game director Joe Blackburn took to Twitter on Wednesday, 4 August 2021, to announce some planned PvP improvements.

Blackburn revealed that Trials of Osiris will be getting a revamp in season 15. Even though he did not go into detail about what this revamp will entail, he promised that players will get more information in the showcase on 24 August, 2021.

It is unclear what the cheating issue will play into the company’s upcoming announcement, as Blackburn did not mention anti-cheat in his thread.

Bungie has reportedly spent the past year working to build its team for the expressed purpose of creating more Destiny, and PvP players should start to see the fruit of their labour in 2022.

Preferably for Blackburn, PvP players should be able to predict when the next mode or new map will come into the game, instead of counting the days since the last new addition. 2022 will reportedly feature new and returning maps, and modes to help breathe life back into the Crucible.

In an attempt to get “new toys” into the players’ hands quickly, Bungie will reportedly release two Crucible maps in season 16.

These will be maps that were removed from Destiny 2: Beyond Light, when Bungie changed the game’s engine.

Due to the technical improvement, implementing the maps back into the game is expected to take more work than what players might expect.

Additionally, the Crucible team is looking into Rift, the beloved capture the flag mode. However, it is unclear if Rift will translate one-to-one from the original game, so Blackburn is not able to guarantee its return to the series.

The team is also working on other new modes, but unfortunately, Blackburn did not reveal any details.

Most of these changes seem pretty far out, and players will likely need to wait months to see different maps in the Crucible rotation.

However, PvP players seem pleased that Bungie is acknowledging their existence. With the showcase coming and a revamp for Trials of Osiris in the next season, all different kinds of Destiny 2 players should have some hope for the future.

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