What if Kirby ate Kirby?

Short Answer Kirby1 eats Kirby2, who has no ability. Kirby1 will get no ability if he allows Kirby2 to live. Kirby1 eats Kirby2, who has no ability. Kirby1 will get the Copy Copy Ability if he decides to fully absorb Kirby2.

What would happen if Kirby ate Kirby?

In terms of game design, we haven’t created anything special reaction associated with that. But given Kirby’s ability is to copy, and it swallows a Kirby with the same ability, nothing would change.

What if Kirby swallowed himself?

What happens if Kirby swallows himself? No ability. If you swallow another Kirby in Smash you get nothing. You can steal another Kirby’s copy essence though.

What happens if Kirby eats a hot man?

But his face would not turn into hot Kirby,” Kumazaki confirmed. The images he’s referencing were superheroes shown alongside Kirby and other characters from the series at GDC that some thought might be their human counterparts, but apparently not.

What happens if Kirby inhales?

According to series director Shinya Kumazaki, enemies are not killed when Kirby inhales them; instead, they “poof” and are teleported elsewhere in the world. In other games, Kirby can inhale his friends, and use them as projectiles, though this does not “poof” them like it does the enemies.


Should Kirby spit or swallow?

Spitting deals set knockback to the victim while sending them forward, and those hit by the star will take damage and moderate vertical knockback (much more in Super Smash Bros. 4). Swallowing the enemy does more damage than spitting them out, but spitting is more easily repeatable.

What happens if Kirby eats Mario?

Kirby receives a unique hat, wig, or even appearance depending on the Copy Ability received, such as Mario’s hat if he swallows Mario. After a short period of time, Kirby may lose his Copy Ability by being attacked, and he will also lose it upon being KO’d.

What is the cutest Kirby enemy?

Kirby: 10 Most Adorable Enemies From The Series

  1. 1 All Waddle Dee. Obviously, Waddle Dee would find its way onto a list of adorable enemies.
  2. 2 Susie. Of course, Susie, a main character and boss from Planet Robobot, found find her way onto a list of adorable enemies. …
  3. 3 Gim. …
  4. 4 UFO. …
  5. 5 Wester. …
  6. 6 Chilly. …
  7. 7 Cupie. …
  8. 8 Simirror. …

Why did Kirby kiss?

During gameplay, Kirby can pick up food items to heal. And in previous games with co-op multiplayer, Kirby can share that healing power with partner characters. Kirby does this by walking up to a character and giving them a little kiss after eating.

Why does Kirby eat a lot?

They’re Having a Growth Spurt

Toddlers and preschoolers, for example, are notorious for eating very little one day and loads of food the next. When children are hitting a growth spurt, there’s a sudden uptick in appetite that may seem out of character—and even hard to satisfy!

What if Kirby inhaled Goku?

Not only could Kirby use his Ice form to slow down or freeze Goku before inhaling him, but he could also watch the Saiyan wonder suffocate effortlessly because, unlike Kirby, Goku cannot breathe in space.

Does Kirby get full?

Kirby is characterised by his childlike innocence and his insatiable appetite. When he swallows enemies, Kirby does not digest them in his stomach. Instead, they disappear and reappear somewhere in the game world. Kirby’s official height is 20 cm (about 8 in).

How did Kirby turn evil?

In this episode, Kirby becomes possessed by the Demon Frog and wreaks havoc upon Cappy Town, and afterwards strikes Castle Dedede. While there, Tiff is able to call out to him and cause the Demon Frog to lose possession over him.

What is Kirby afraid of?

According to several official profiles about Kirby, one of his least favorite things is caterpillars, though it is not exactly clear why. This may be related to why he takes damage when eating Capillers.

Can Kirby eat dedede?

In “Kirby’s Return to Dream Land,” Kirby could eat his friends. This included King Dedede, Bandana Dee, Meta Knight, and other Kirbys. Kirby’s devouring of other Kirbys worked exactly like it did in Smash Bros. He would steal their abilities if they had any.

Can Kirby defeat a god?

Yeah, Kirby defeats the universe’s equivalent of God, twice. Not only that put he nearly punches the planet in half in Kirby Super Star.

Why did Kirby get stabbed?

After falling into a trap that involved Ghostface’s horror trivia, Kirby thought she was saving Charlie, but he tricked her, allowing him to stab her twice in the abdomen. Kirby was last seen in Scream 4 bleeding out, and it wasn’t until a Scream 2022 Easter egg did the franchise reveal Kirby’s survival.

Why is Kirby so pink?

Sakurai intended the character to be pink, though Miyamoto had originally thought the character should be yellow.

Is Kirby a final girl?

She rises to hero status by the end and is left near-fatally wounded. Being the only unconfirmed victim of the Woodsboro Remake, Kirby was confirmed alive through a photographic cameo in the fifth entry, making her the sole teen survivor of the fourth film and a final girl.

Is Kirby a chick or a guy?

Players only seem to get confused because, generally, Kirby is pink. But color doesn’t have a gender, so this has just been an uneducated assumption. Kirby, described by Nintendo, is a boy.

Who is Kirby’s bestie?

Bandana Waddle Dee, also known as Bandana Dee or simply Waddle Dee, is the deuteragonist of the Kirby franchise. He is a Waddle Dee who is Kirby’s best friend and King Dedede’s former right-hand minion.

Who betrays Kirby?

Traitor Magolor (usually referred to as simply Magolor) is the form that Magolor assumes when he betrays Kirby and his friends by taking the Master Crown from Landia and placing it upon his head, turning into a large spectral menace and gaining “limitless power”.

Who can’t Kirby inhale?

Inhale works on most enemies in the Kirby series, but some enemies are immune to this technique. The most common examples of enemies that cannot be inhaled are Bosses, Gordos, Shotzos, Scarfies, and Mumbies.

Does Kirby eat apples?

When not trying to avoid having them dropped on his head, Kirby is quite fond of eating apples, either inhaling them whole or taking bites out of them in cutscenes. Despite this, apples do not normally appear as food in most games, particularly in those which feature apples as hazardous objects.

Can Kirby get tired?

Kirby can hover as usual in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and Kirby and the Forgotten Land, but unlike other games in the series, he will get tired and have to come back down eventually.

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