What controllers work with Super Console X Pro

Some users have complained about the Super Console X Pro’s controller quality, but fortunately, you can use other controllers.

There are more than 300 video games released annually, however, some gamers tend to enjoy the retro games more than modern games.

The Kinhank Super Console X Pro is one of the best retro gaming emulation consoles on the market, thus, several players have inquired about which controllers they can use with it.

Super Console X Pro features

The Super Console X Pro game console is equipped with a dual system, so you can use it to play video games, to stream online TV, to download applications, and to browse the internet. It has more than 117 000 games and more than 60 emulators pre-installed.

The console is compatible with 4K TV, and it supports a high-definition connection. Players can therefore enjoy vivid and exciting video games on a big screen. Furthermore, it allows users to connect to a network through LAN and Wi-Fi.

This retro emulator console supports up to 5 players simultaneously, which allows you to play multiplayer games with friends and family.

What controllers work with Super Console X Pro

After purchasing a Super Console X Pro, you will notice that it comes with 2 wireless game controllers in a PlayStation 3 DualShock style. However, several players have expressed that these are not good-quality controllers.

Fortunately, there are other controllers that you can use with the Super Console X Pro:

Controller Description
Retro-Bit Legacy Includes SNES Original Port and USB 2.4 GHz receivers. The controller features additional ZL and ZR shoulder buttons, home screen, and screenshot buttons. There are also additional macros for versatile gameplay.
Retro Fighters Brawler 64 Compatible with memory packs and with the Nintendo 64. Its ergonomic and comfortable design guarantees a long gaming duration. It has an ultra-fast turbo function and features 2.4 GHz wireless technology.
Retro Fighters Defender This controller features 2.4 GHz technology and turbo functionality. Users can enjoy vibration feedback and pressure sensitive buttons. It is compatible with the PlayStation 1, 2, 3, and Classic. You can also use it for the Nintendo Switch and a personal computer.
Sega Genesis Although this controller is mainly used for Sega Genesis, it is compatible with the Super Console X Pro, for which the controllers need to be connected via a USB.

You may have noticed that these controllers all fall into the retro category. It is therefore impossible to connect the recently-released PlayStation 5 controller to this retro console.

According to YouTuber, Square Pegs, you can use any USB connected controllers out of the box. However, we recommend that you stick with retro controllers.

Controller Advantages and Disadvantages

If you decide to purchase another controller for the Super Console X Pro, you should note that some controllers are considered better than others.

Some controllers have a better design, which makes it very comfortable to play games for hours while other controllers may get uncomfortable.

The prices and reviews of the controllers are:

Controller Advantages and Disadvantages Price
Retro-Bit Legacy Advantage: The Retro-Bit Legacy has a USB connection, so you can plug it directly into the console.

Disadvantage: Due to its design, it may get uncomfortable to use it for a long duration.

Retro Fighters Brawler 64 Advantage: The Retro Fighter Brawler 64 has a modern design and appears similar to an Xbox controller, therefore, it is more comfortable and you can play games on the console for long periods of time. Allegedly, it functions flawlessly when used to play games on the Super Console X Pro. $49.95
Retro Fighters Defender Advantage: Square Pegs noted that the Retro Fighter Defender is his favorite controller to use for the Super Console X Pro. Since it is a newer controller, it has a USB dongle that you can plug into the console. The console has a great feel to it to guarantee a great gaming experience. $49.99
Sega Genesis Advantage: It has the look and feel of a retro controller.

Disadvantage: Due to the Sega Genesis’ design, it may get uncomfortable after playing for some time.


Users will likely notice that the price difference between these controllers is vast . Allegedly, the more expensive controllers have a longer life expectancy.

If you are on a tight budget, you can purchase the Sega Genesis controllers while you are saving up for a more expensive controller.

Should you buy a new controller for the Super Console X Pro?

Although some players are complaining about the quality of the Super Console X Pro’s controllers, there are users who do not have a problem with these controllers.

It is advisable that you play games with the controllers that are included in the box for a month after purchasing the Super Console X Pro .

If you discover after the month has passed that you do not enjoy the controllers, you can purchase another controller. However, if you are happy with the controllers, there is no need to purchase another.

Whether you want to purchase another controller depends entirely on your personal preference.

Super Console X Pro specifications

The retro console supports an Android 7.1 system. The CPU is 1.5 GHz 4 core 64-bit while the GPU is Mali-450. It is important to note that the number of pre-installed games and emulators are determined by how much storage the console’s has.

The more storage the console has, the more games will be pre-installed:

Storage Number of pre-installed games and emulators
  • More than 90 000 games
  • More than 70 emulators
  • More than 95 000 games
  • More than 70 emulators
  • More than 117 000 games
  • More than 70 emulators

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