What are Star Crests in Alchemy Stars?

Alchemy Stars’ Star Crests are breakthrough materials used to maximize a legendary Aurorian’s strength, and they are available for purchase in the in-game store for 100 Stellar Gems.

Alchemy Stars is a popular tactical role-playing gacha mobile game. Players are able to build teams of five characters, known as Aurorians, associated with one of the four elements. During the turn-based battles, players guide their Aurorians along paths of as many connected tiles of the same element as possible.

Aurorians are able to activate their abilities to influence the battlefield. Some Aurorians can teleport, change a tile’s element, fight or heal. When out of combat, players can build their base and interact with their Aurorians.

In the game, players are able to purchase various items from the in-game store, such as Star Crests. Star Crests are breakthrough materials for legendary Aurorians, which are members of the Silent Hunters. Most players are aware that characters use Solambers, however, the silent hunters use Star Crests.

It is important to note that the legendary Aurorians cannot be recruited through banners. This means that they have a different method in terms of obtaining their breakthrough materials. Players need to buy a Star Crest in order to make their legendary Aurorian stronger.

Star Crests are available for purchase in the in-game store, and each costs approximately 100 Stellar Gems. In order to use a Star Crest, the player needs to open their Aurorian page and select the ‘breakthrough’ option. The Star Crest will maximize the character’s strength.

To obtain a legendary Aurorian, players need to complete the game’s storyline in order to unlock the Old Seal feature. This feature will allow players to recruit one of the six-star units.

Players can also learn more about the legendary Aurorians by going to Ilustra, then selecting Personnel Intel. In the new menu, players should click on ‘independent’ option before selecting Silent Hunters. Once a legendary Aurorian is unlocked, they will have a maximum level of ascension, which can be very powerful.

Even though only one Silent Hunter can be recruited, players can choose which element they want. Players can choose between Fire, Forest, Water or Thunder.

Players can discover the legendary Aurorians by going to Ilustra, then choosing Personnel Intel, then clicking on Independent, and choosing Silent Hunters. Once the legendary Aurorians are unlocked, they have maxed out ascension, which is quite powerful.

Only one Silent Hunter can be recruited, and players can choose between Forest, Fire, Thunder or Water.

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