What are Pump-Up consumables in NBA 2K Mobile?

In NBA 2K Mobile, you can use Pump-Up consumables to train your characters for varying experience point amounts, based on the quality of the consumable.

You are invited to stay in the game with NBA 2K Mobile, a popular all-in-one free online basketball arcade game.

You can build a team of basketball All-stars and experience authentic NBA players and games on your tablet or mobile device in a brand-new NBA season.

Players can enjoy a solo experience or challenge other gamers worldwide. You can also collect your favourite NBA players, build a dream team, and step onto the court to compete and earn amazing rewards.

You can also get access to limited time events, such as Overtime, in which Pump-up consumables are introduced.


Overtime is a limited time event in which players can climb the leaderboards by earning as many lives as possible before losing their lives.

Every overtime period is approximately 1 minute long, and you can continue playing until one team finishes with more points.

If there is a tie at the end of a match, you maintain your streak and you have to play an additional overtime period until a winner is determined. Golden Basketballs are lives, and they allow you to continue your streak, even if you lose a game.

What are Pump-Up consumables in NBA 2K Mobile?

The game’s developer, Cat Daddy Games, occasionally introduces new features, activities, items, and content to keep players interested and engaged in the game. When the Overtime event launched, the game introduced the Pump-Up items.

Pump-Up consumables allow you to train a player card for varying experience points amounts, based on the quality of the consumable.

For instance, A Sapphire Pump-Up Consumable offers your player the same quantity of experience points as a Sapphire player card. This way you do not have to use your duplicate player cards as training fodders.

Before Pump-Up consumables were introduced, players had to use unnecessary player cards to level up their best starters.

The main purpose of Bronze, and later, Silver, player cards is to level up your stronger player cards. You can use player cards, items including Pump-Ups, or a combination of both to level up your players and increase their ratings.

Players will likely use their Bronze and Silver cards as sacrifices to make their best players better. It is recommended that you do not level up a Bronze card, as they are meant to be replaced in the starting lineup eventually.

You can earn Pump-Up consumables through the Draft Board, however, they only appear after you complete one half of a game. Players can also unlock them by completing a Drill.

Keep in mind that better play results in more draft picks, or higher chances of claiming rewards from the board. Players do get the option to pay Coins or watch videos to get additional picks.

Overtime gaming modes

The Pump-Up consumables were introduced along with the Overtime event, which has 2 gaming modes. The table below outlines each mode and describes each one:

Mode Description Rewards
Normal Mode You start with 5 lives and you can ‘buy back in’ to continue adding wins to your streak. Additionally, you can start over if you lose your lives
  • The upper streak rewards are free for anyone to collect
  • Players can unlock the premium streak rewards to earn additional rewards
  • There are more premium streak rewards available than free streak rewards
Hardcore Mode This mode is not for the faint hearted, as you only start with 3 lives, and you cannot buy back into the game
  • Hardcore streak’s maximum is 10 for both premium and free streak rewards
  • Event Point Milestone Rewards
  • Event Point Leaderboard rewards

What are Drills?

You can unlock the Draft Board by successfully completing a Drill, which is a series of mini games that vary from day to day. It is advisable that you complete a Drill every day to get player packs, which you can use to upgrade your players.

You have to complete and master all 4 Drills of the day to open a player pack. Based on your performance in each drill, you will earn picks for the Draft Board.

Do you need to have knowledge about the real NBA to play the game?

As the game’s name suggests, it is based on the real-life basketball competition, NBA. It allegedly pays to have some knowledge about the real NBA.

All player cards have their attributes that you should review whenever you are able to, as each player is graded by Shoot off Dribble, Layups and Dunks, Mid-Range Shooting, Post Scoring, and Defending, amongst other things.

It is recommended that players consider these factors before creating their dream team in NBA 2K Mobile.

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