What are all of Kratos scars from?

His eye scar is from when Ares took away Kratos brother when they were younger. His belly scar is from when he implied himself with the blade of Olympus and obviously his hand scars are from the Blades.

What are Kratos scars from?

Kratos’ Abdomen Scar Is Self-Inflicted

Defying Athena’s wishes to keep it for herself, Kratos impaled himself with the Blades of Olympus, releasing the power of hope and entrusting it to humanity. Kratos ran himself through, losing a considerable amount of blood and leaving a large open wound.

Why don’t Kratos scars heal?

The Blades were seared to his flesh, never to be taken off. Even after killing Ares and destroying Olympus, the scars remained. He bandages the scars to hide them from his son. How would Kratos interact with Jesus or Christianity in general?

How did Atreus get his face scars?

The leading theories include the possibility of Deimos’ birthmark being genetic and Atreus’ scars being related, as well as possible self-scarification as a young Atreus was trying to look more like his father. Alternatively, it’s just a coincidence, and Atreus got his scars in an accident or fight.

Why do Kratos arms bleed?

Why is Kratos forearms bloody? It is those very blades, chained around his forearms, that force him into a lifelong service under the God of War, Ares. The service was in fact lifelong, and in part, only broken when Kratos fought his way out of the Underworld.

Is Kratos the God of Death? God of War Theory

Why Kratos hates his blades?

The blades remind him too much of the past and the monster he was, so it is understandable that he doesn’t want to see them, much less use them. But even after he is forced to use them to save the life of Atreus in 2018’s God of War, Kratos wields the Blades of Chaos with contempt.

Why does Kratos age?

Kratos is not immortal, but the power he has from the gods means he is nearly impossible to kill and ages far slower than any normal person, which makes Kratos’ age difficult to determine.

What animal can Atreus turn into?

Atreus discovers that he can transform into a bear and a wolf in God of War Ragnarok, and this has both narrative and mythological significance.

Who does Atreus stab in the neck?

Kratos saw no reason to kill him as he had already been beaten, but after Modi’s particularly vulgar insult towards Atreus’ mother, Faye, Atreus stabs Modi in the neck and kicks him into the chasm, killing him.

How is Atreus half God?

Atreus: Son of Kratos. Unlike Calliope, he is said to be a demigod possibly due to his mother Laufey being a Jötunn (although techically Atreus is 1/4 god). Appears in God of War (2018). Pollux: Son of Zeus and worshipped as a god along with his mortal twin brother Castor.

Who cut Kratos eye?

Ares and Athena interrupted the childhood training of Kratos and Deimos in Sparta and kidnapped Deimos. Kratos attempted to stop Ares, but Ares swept him aside and scarred him across his right eye. Taken to Death’s Domain, Deimos was imprisoned and tortured for many years by the god of death, Thanatos.

Why can’t Kratos grow hair?

In short, Kratos’ baldness is not due to alopecia, but rather a design choice made by the game developers to help define his character.

Why doesn t Kratos shave his beard?

Kratos’ large beard helps keep him warm in the throes of Fimbulwinter, and removing it makes the Ghost of Sparta look very strange.

What is Kratos real skin?

Kratos’ Skin Complexion

A driving force for Kratos’ distinct appearance is his bleached white skin tone, earning him the title, “Ghost of Sparta”. If you’ve played the earlier games in the series, you would know that his body isn’t actually white, but rather covered in the ashes of his dead wife and child.

Why is Kratos so small?

When developers crafted the bearded-brute version of Kratos for 2018’s God of War, they shrunk the Spartan by a considerable amount, bringing his overall height down from 8’0” to around 6’6”. Game designers claim that this was done to make Kratos a more “relatable figure” as it pertains to humans.

What age is Kratos?

In God of War Ragnarök, it’s likely that Kratos is around 1,055 years old. He’s something of an old man, but as a demigod, he is still more than young enough to hold his own and then some in battle. Unfortunately, this is based on maths and educated guesses.

Did Kratos spare any gods?

However, Kratos did not kill all the gods, and there are close to a dozen Olympians that managed to survive Kratos’ path of destruction.

Who has Atreus killed?

In revenge, Atreus kills Thyestes’ sons (so, he kills his own nephews) and has their bodies (everything but their hands and feet) cooked up in a tasty stew, which he serves to Thyestes — “hmm… tastes like chicken, bro!

How many times has Kratos died?

However, as far as confirmed deaths go, Kratos has so far died and been revived a total of three times, mostly during the original trilogy.

What is Atreus cursed with?

He is perhaps best known for being the father of Agamemnon and Menelaus, two heroes of the Trojan War, as well as for the terrible curse placed upon his family. This was a hereditary curse, plaguing the family for five generations with a vicious cycle of murder and revenge.

Who did Atreus have a crush on?

Mimir Tells Angrboda That Atreus Has A Crush On Her – God Of War Ragnarök.

Why is Atreus called Loki?

Atreus and Loki have always been one in the same character in God of War, but the name has far less significance to both Kratos and Atreus than it does to the audience. Loki, as it was revealed, was the name that Kratos’ wife, Faye, wanted to give Atreus when he was born.

Is Kratos getting weaker?

This was confirmed by the game developers. Kratos in the Norse saga appears weaker for a couple of reasons. #1 – Kratos lost all of his Greek magic when he destroyed his homeland and sailed away. So his magic died with Olympus or was left behind when he sailed away.

How old was Kratos in GoW 1?

The game picks up 6 months after that. So Kratos can be around 22-23 years old in this game. Ten years of service to the gods he is in his early 30’s for the first Gow game. They say in the story that he becomes the youngest spartan general.

How much can Kratos lift?

Cronos was stated by a worker of game to be a close match to Atlas’ strength. Atlas is strong enough to hold the Earth’s crust. The crust represents 0.5-0.4% of Earth’s mass, which is 6×10^21 tons. This means Kratos’ strength should be around 30-24 quintillion tons, that’s around 1/3 the mass of the moon.

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