Warhammer 2 vs Warhammer 3

Warhammer 3 introduces an array of changes and new features, and some players are curious to know how it compares to Warhammer 2.

Total War is a series of video games which combines turn-based strategy and resource management with real-time control of battles. There are more than 20 unique games in the Total War series, the most popular of which include Warhammer 2 and Warhammer 3.

Although the campaign and principle of these games are quite similar, players are curious to know if there are any distinctions between the games.

Warhammer’s gameplay

The main theme of Warhammer remains the same, even if there are 3 different games. In the campaign, you have to move armies around the map and manage settlements in a turn-based manner. You can also engage in diplomacy and fight against computer-controlled factions.

When your army discovers another army on the world map, you can decide to engage in battle with them. The battle happens in real-time and it cannot be fast forwarded.

There are several gaming modes that you can enjoy in Warhammer, however, you can also create and customise a gaming mode according to your playstyle.

Warhammer 2 vs Warhammer 3

Warhammer 3 was released in 2022 and it is the latest instalment of the Total War series. Since the previous instalments of Warhammer are a few years old, many gamers are curious to know how Warhammer 3 compares to the previous games in the trilogy.

Compared to Warhammer 2, Warhammer 3 contains a lot of changes. Some are quality-of-life improvements, which were requested by fans of the series. The other changes were not requested, the developers just decided to make them.

Players were quite surprised to find a story-driven and high quality tutorial in Warhammer 3. The game’s predecessor lacks a tutorial, so having a tutorial in Warhammer 3 is a pleasant surprise.

Even if you have been playing the Warhammer series for years, we recommend completing Warhammer 3’s tutorial.

One of the changes that fans of the Warhammer series requested for Warhammer 3 is that the diplomacy is reworked. The excellent diplomacy improvements in Three Kingdoms: Total War have made their way over to the Warhammer series.

You can now experience quick trade deals, see the predicted result of a deal, and automatically add enough money to guarantee that your deal is accepted.

In Warhammer 2, the battles that were fought over a minor settlement transformed into land battles. However, in Warhammer 3, all minor settlements have a dedicated map, which is full of alleyways, chokepoints, and vantage points.

The developers also changed sieges for large cities. This was probably the most requested change by the gamers.

In older Total War games, such as Rome 2, you could assault and defend from 360 degrees, however this feature was removed from Warhammer 2.

Fortunately, the 360-degree sieges are included in Warhammer 3, and they give you many more options, both as an attacker and a defender.

User Interface (UI)

Since Warhammer 2 is a few years older than Warhammer 3, it features an outdated UI. Warhammer 3 features a redesigned UI.

Unfortunately, some players feel that the developers took Khorne’s battle cry to heart, as the colour red dominates every aspect of the UI.

In previous Warhammer games, the icons for building or dismantling in a settlement were indicated by a range of colours.

However, in Warhammer 3, all the icons are red, which can be problematic. Regardless of the icons, the UI feels much cleaner and is easier to read.

Reworked multiplayer mode

The biggest surprise in Warhammer 3 is the reworded co-op mode. Players are now able to play Warhammer 3 with not just 4, but 8 players in multiplayer mode.

And for the first time in a Total War game, there are simultaneous rounds. This means that you do not have to wait for your friend to finish their round before you can play.

Warhammer downloadable content

Warhammer 2 introduced the Mortal Empires campaign, which combines the playable content from Warhammer and Warhammer 2. This means that players were able to enjoy Warhammer 1’s content in Warhammer 2.

The developers used this principle to create Warhammer 3’s campaign, Immortal Empires. This campaign combines the landmasses, Legendary Lords, War units, and more from the Warhammer series into 1 colossal mode.

Warhammer 2 only allows you to play 2 games in one large map, but Warhammer 3 invites gamers to enjoy the entire Warhammer trilogy simultaneously.

Though it is noteworthy that you have to own all 3 of the games on the same platform for this feature to work.

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