Warhammer 2: Regiments of Renown

The Regiments of the Renown in Warhammer 2 are elite units with unique abilities, and they can only be unlocked by purchasing DLCs.

You can put your strategic abilities to the test in this thrilling video game, Total War: Warhammer 2. As its name suggests, the game is part of the classic video game series, Total War, and as such, you are likely to experience similar gameplay throughout the games in the franchise.

The game is set in the Warhammer Fantasy fictional universe, in which you can enjoy real-time battles. It contains numerous activities and events that you can enjoy, however, it is advised that you focus on the main arc of Warhammer 2.

You can move your army around the map while controlling settlements in a turn-based manner. A player’s army can consist of different units, one of which is the Regiments of Renown.


In the Total War series, armies generally feature up to 20 units which are always led by a single Lord. The campaign mode allows you to move your army around the map and when you come across another army, a battle will occur.

In the custom battle mode, you can select units for your army before going directly into battle. Every unit in an army is independently controllable and is represented by a Unit Card on the battle interface.

Players can select one or more units before giving movement orders. You can allocate various units to your army, including melee, ranged, hybrid, and flying units, among others.

Warhammer 2: Regiments of Renown

Regiments of Renown, also referred to as RoR, are elite versions of standard units, as they feature improved abilities and combat performances. They can be unlocked for recruitment when the Lord under your command attains the required skill level.

However, with some regiments, you need to progress to a certain point in the vortex campaign to unlock them. For every rank that your Lord reaches, up until rank 30, you can unlock 1 regiment. Once unlocked, RoR can be recruited from the special RoR recruitment menu into your Lord’s army.

Even if you gain access to the regiment, you may not be able to recruit them. This is because you also need to own specific downloadable content (DLC) pact of either the first or second game to recruit them.

The table below lists the DLC you need for specific RoR races:

DLC name Description
Bretonnia Race Pack It is required for the base Bretonnian RoR
Norsica Race Pack It is required for the base Norsica RoR
Rise of the Tomb Kings It is required for the base Tomb King RoR
Realm of the Wood Elves It is required for their base RoR
Chaos Warrior Race Players need this DLC to access the race and thus their base RoR
The Queen and The Crone High Elves and Dark Elves
Shadow and Blade Dark Elves and Skaven
The Prophet and the Warlock Skaven and Lizardmen
Twisted and the Twilight Wood Elves and Skaven
The Warden and the Paunch Greenskins and High Elves
The King and the Warlord Greenskins and Dwarfs
The Hunter and the Beast Empire and Lizardmen
The Grim and the Grave Empire and Vampire Counts

Unlike other units, RoR units do not require time to train as they are automatically level 9 in experience and rank. Additionally, every regiment also has one or more special abilities that its counterpart does not have.

Warhammer 2: Regiments of Renown
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RoR’s abilities

RoRs generally have 1 unique ability, though some are fortunate enough to have more than 1 which they can use on the battlefield:

Race RoR name Ability
Empire The Sunmaker
  • Fire damage
  • Increased Rocket Barrage
Vampire Counts The Chillgheists
  • Slowing Aura
  • Magic Resistance
Empire Zinter’s Reiksguard
  • Vanguard Deployment
Vampire Counts The Sternsmen
  • Regeneration

How to increase your Lord’s rank

As previously mentioned, players can unlock a new RoR every time their Lord reaches a new rank. To increase your Lord’s rank, you have to get experience points, which you can earn by succeeding in battles and sieges.

You can also complete mission objectives and finish quest battles, and although it is not as effective, you can kill enemies in combat and recruit new units to earn experience points.

How to buy a Warhammer 2 DLC

Even if you unlock a new RoR, you cannot use them in your gameplay if you do not have the corresponding DLC. In order to buy a DLC, you have to open the platform that you bought Warhammer 2 on like Steam or Epic Games.

You can then search for the DLC that you are interested in buying. It is crucial to note that the prices differ for each DLC:

DLC Approximate price
The Hunter and the Beast $6.25
Curse of the Vampire Coast $11.46
Mortal Empires Free to play
Blood for the Blood God II $1.83

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