Warhammer 2: Nagash

The Followers of the Nagash faction in Warhammer 2 are very unique, as they do not follow the same principle as the other factions in the game.

Players can put their tactical abilities to the test in this adventurous video game, Total War: Warhammer 2. As its name suggests, it is part of the well-renowned series, Total War, and thus, are you likely to encounter similar gameplay in the games in the franchise.

Warhammer 2 is set in the Warhammer Fantasy fiction universe, in which gamers can enjoy turn-based battles.

While progressing in the game, you will find that there is an array of factions. Some factions are playable, which means that you can control them in battle, while others are non-playable factions, which means that they are controlled by artificial intelligence.

One of the playable factions is Followers of Nagash.

Factions in Warhammer 2

Factions are nations or tribes on the campaign map that control settlements, amass armies, and start wars with one another.

Players take command of a faction when playing the campaign mode, but you can also control a faction when playing custom battles, quest battles, or multiplayer.

It is worth noting that similar factions are grouped together into Races. Factions and Races have unique units and gameplay mechanics that set them apart from others.

A faction is served by character units, such as Lords, who lead the armies; and Heroes, who have a variety of uses, both in battle and out of it.

Warhammer 2: Nagash

Followers of Nagash is a playable Tomb Kings faction that is introduced in Warhammer 2 with the Rise of the Tomb Kings downloadable content (DLC) package. The faction is led by Arkhan the Black, and it is located in western Araby, which is west of the Land of the Dead.

Warhammer 2: Nagash
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The lore of Nagash reveals that the Tomb Kings were previously a great human empire, called Nehekhara. It is themed on Ancient Egypt, but it is now known as the Land of the Dead.

The Empire of Nehekhara was destroyed by the necromancer, Nagash, and his vampires, which caused the mummified dead of Nehekhara to rise.

The Tomb Kings now seek to reclaim their lost glory, and they want to take vengeance on Nagash and the vampires.

Similarly to other factions in Warhammer 2, Followers of Nagash has a specific gameplay. The Tomb Kings unit focuses on ranks of skeleton infantry and chariots, combined with powerful animated statues and constructs.

By playing this faction, you can recruit 4 units from the Vampire Counts unit Rosters, which is unaffected by vampiric corruption. The faction also has elite units called Regiments of Renown, and campaign-exclusive Legions of Legend.

The faction has a unique skill in battle. As Tomb Kings take damage in battle, a bar fills up and once it is full, it will mass-heal the entire army.

During a campaign, the Tomb Kings do not require money for unit recruitment or upkeep. Instead, they use units, or army caps, which are increased by buildings and technologies in your empire.

Followers of Nagash in battle

As previously mentioned, the armies of Tomb Kings have ranks of skeleton soldiers and chariots. These units are supported by towering animated statues of bone and stone. Unlike other factions in Warhammer 2, the Followers of Nagash contains Vampire Counts units.

The units can be described as follows:

Unit name Description
Fell Bats These fast-moving flyers are capable of keeping archers and artillery occupied in a battle
Hexwraiths They are spectral cavalry with high resistance to physical damage
Dire Wolves These wolves are suitable for flanking, since they have speed
Crypt Ghouls They are fast-moving infantry that deal poisonous attacks

Followers of Nagash in campaign

Since the Followers of Nagash forms part of the Tomb King faction, their gameplay is quite similar to other Tomb King sub-categories.

Followers of Nagash have Arkhan the Black – a Legendary Lord that focuses on spell-casting.

During a campaign, Followers of Nagash has a reduction in diplomatic relations with Tomb King factions. However, they have an increase in diplomatic relations with Vampire Counts factions.

Moreover, they have a 10 percent increase in Winds of magic reserve, which is applied to all armies. Players should also know that their Followers of Nagash armies are unaffected by Vampiric Corruption in a campaign.

Battle strategy

When you are in battle with the Followers of Nagash, they benefit from partial access to the Vampire Counts roster. This is most beneficial in the Crypt Ghoul, which deals more damage in the frontline than any Skeleton Warrior.

They also poison enemies, which reduces enemy effectiveness, while Dire Wolves and Fell bats are particularly similar to the Carrion of the Tomb Kings roster. This means that they have access to an abundance of harassing and chasing units.

Hexwraiths can take a lot of physical damage, while doing solid armour piercing damage.

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