Warhammer 2: Alarielle

Alarielle the Radiant is one of the Legendary Lords in Warhammer 2, and she can only be assigned to the High Elf faction.

Total War: Warhammer 2 is a video game where players get to enjoy real-time, turn-based battles. Since the game is part of the classic Total War franchise, players will likely experience similar content, gameplay, and mechanics in the game.

Players can control their armies by moving them around a map, while controlling settlements in a turn-based manner. Armies contain varying units, each of which possesses unique talents and skills.

Your armies can be led by Lords, which is a unique kind of character unit. There are more than 10 different Lords that you can procure, one of which is Alarielle the Radiant.

Lords in Warhammer 2

Lords are a special, powerful type of character unit that can lead your armies. However, every army can only have 1 Lord.

Your Lord is the army’s general, or the commander that provides a leadership aura, which grants his or her units bonus leadership. But this only applies when the army is within a certain radius.

In addition to Lords, you can get Legendary Lords, who are special, unique Lords that are available to playable factions.

Legendary Lords are usually powerful characters from the Warhammer Lore. Even though they are Lords, they are regarded as a specific faction’s commander.

Warhammer 2: Alarielle

Alarielle the Radiant is a High Elve Legendary Lord, and she was first introduced in Warhammer 2. Keep in mind that you can only get her if you purchase The Queen and the Crone downloadable content (DLC) pack.

Warhammer 2: Alarielle
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She is an extremely powerful spellcaster and army buffer, which is expected of the High Priestess of Isha and Everqueen of Ulthuan.

In a campaign, Alarielle leads the Avelorn faction. This means that players can only use her if they are playing with the Avelorn faction. Alarielle cannot be assigned to any other factions in Warhammer 2.

Similarly to other Legendary Lords, Alarielle has a range of abilities and spells that can be used during a battle. Since she is a spellcaster, she primarily focuses on casting spells to deal damage to her enemies.

The table below outlines Alarielle’s talents, with a description of each:

Name Type Duration Target Effects
Arcane Conduit Augment of the Winds 40 seconds Self
  • This ability improves power recharge rate
  • It also increases power reserves
Boon of Isha Augment Constant Self and allies in range
  • It imbues magical damage
  • The ability is immune to psychology

In addition to her abilities, Alarielle uses a combination of spells from the Lore of Life, Lore of Light, and Lore of Magic books. She can use these spells:

  • Earth Blood
  • Pha’s Illumination
  • Shield of Thorns
  • Tempest
  • Arcane Unforging
  • Banishment

However, Alarielle also has access to specific lore attributes, such as Life Bloom, Shield of Saphery, and Exorcism.

Legendary Items

Like other Legendary Lords, Alarielle can use an array of Legendary Items to boost her performance on the battlefield. Although there are several Legendary Items available, Alarielle can only use the following items:

Item name Description
Stave of Avelorn An arcane item that is introduced in Warhammer 2. When it is used, it significantly improves Alarielle’s power recharge rate for 40 seconds. It also has a starting cooldown of 60 seconds
Star of Avelorn This arcane item replenishes hitpoints of combatants. It can be used on Alarielle, as well as on the ground and on allies
Shieldstone of Isha This talisman can only be used once Alarielle reaches rank 2. It is noteworthy that you have to complete a quest to obtain the item.

When it is being used, it increases physical resistance by 10 percent


Alarielle is one of the most versatile spellcasters in Warhammer 2, as she provides extreme amounts of healing and augment magic. She is surprisingly durable in melee combat, as her melee defence is higher than one might expect.

When she uses the Great Eagle mount, she gains the ability to charge an enemy and escape before she is tied down in melee combat.

Among her items, the Star of Avelorn stands above the rest. This is because it provides a large amount of healing outside of the winds of magic. Even though its healing radius is small, it can heal her allies for huge amounts.

Alarielle’s statistics

Similarly to other Lords in Warhammer, Alarielle has an array of statistics. The table below outlines her base statistics:

Statistic name Quantity
Missile Resistance 15
Reload time 10
Charge bonus 23
Melee defense 55
Melee attack 45
Leadership 85
Health 3880

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