Warhammer 2: Abandon settlement

In Warhammer 2, players can abandon a settlement, which will then transform into ruins, which can be colonised or be explored for treasures.

Total War: Warhammer 2 is an exciting video game that allows gamers to enjoy real-time, turn-based battles. As its name suggests, Warhammer 2 is part of the Total War game series, so you are likely to encounter similar gameplay and mechanics throughout the games.

Players can control their armies by moving them around the map, but keep in mind that you also have to control settlements in a turn-based manner. There are numerous settlements in Warhammer 2, each of which are categorised into specific factions.

Players can abandon settlements if they no longer wish to control it.

Settlements in Warhammer 2

Settlements are very similar to towns or cities and they can be found on the campaign map. Most factions are focused on fighting to control and manage settlements. However, the Horde faction cannot control any settlement on the map.

Every province on the map has a capital settlement as well as between 1 and 3 minor settlements. When you own a settlement, you own the region around it and you have a view of the area.

This also allows you to tax the people living in the settlement to earn money. Owning all settlements in a specific province grants you control of the entire region. When you control an entire province, you can issue a commandment.

Warhammer 2: Abandon settlement

If you are in control of multiple settlements, there is a possibility that you may want to abandon 1 of them. To do so, you can select the settlement and then select the abandon option. Keep in mind that the abandonment process will only be completed in the following turn.

Once you have abandoned a settlement, it  turns into a ruined settlement. A ruined settlement is not controlled by any faction, and it does not provide income or other bonuses. Moreover, they have no garrison.

Ruined settlements can be colonised by an army, but this requires a turn, money, and numerous troops. If you are planning to colonise a ruined settlement, you should be aware that your army will get a huge amount of damage.

The Skaven and Tomb King faction have the ability to colonise ruins and start them off at a higher level than other races. However, this requires food, but you can also use Ptra’s Necrotect.

It is essential to note that all Skaven settlements appear as ruins to other races, but once they have been explored, they will be identified as settlements.

In Warhammer, players can order their armies to explore a ruin in the hopes of finding treasures. Keep in mind that ruins refresh every 20 turns.

Can a settlement turn into a ruin during an attack?

All settlements on the campaign map become ruined when they are razed by a hostile army. The factions in Warhammer 2 have varying raze and sack features, which are indicated in the following table:

Race Sack Raze
  • Empire
  • Dwarfs
  • Vampire Counts
  • High Elves
  • Lizardmen
  • Dark Elves
  • Increases the treasury greatly
  • Army cannot also raze in the same turn
  • Increases the treasury moderately
  • Destroys the settlement and turns it into ruins
  • Bretonnia
  • Increases the treasury greatly
  • Army cannot also raze in the same turn
  • Reduces chivalry
  • Same as standard
  • Greenskins
  • Same as standard
  • Increases the treasury moderately
  • Destroys the settlement and turns it into ruins
  • When they raze a settlement, it leaves behind harmful vandalism buildings
  • Warriors of Chaos
  • Same as standard
  • Increases the treasury moderately
  • Destroys the settlement and turns it into ruins
  • It also creates a Chaos Portal, which spreads Chaos Corruption

Colonising a ruin in Warhammer 2

When you find an abandoned settlement on the map, you can either colonise it or search for treasure. All factions, except Horde, can colonise a ruin. Colonising creates a level 0 settlement, which has to be repaired.

However, the Skaven faction can use food to increase the level of the settlement, while Tomb Kings can spend a Ptra’s Necrotect to colonise at a higher level.

If there are vandalised buildings present, you first have to demolish them, which costs money and reduces the health of every unit in the army.

While exploring a ruin, you can find treasures, including Aye-Aye! Patch puzzle pieces.

Which ruins should you colonise?

Although there can be numerous abandoned settlements on the campaign map in Warhammer 2, some may be in better areas than others. Some settlements are marked as strategic locations for their chosen race, and you should make conquering these a priority.

This is because a landmark can be constructed in the area, which can influence your gameplay.

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