Warframe: Zariman

Zariman Ten Zero is a powerful vessel that is part of the Warframe Zone, and players can now access it as a permanent zone in the Star Chart.

Gamers are invited to indulge in a modern, fictitious world in this free-to-play video game, Warframe. You can assume the role of a Tenno, which is part of an ancient race of warriors that has been awoken from a century-long sleep.

It is up to you to defeat various threats on the planetary system.

When you first start playing Warframe, you will only have a few characters in your collection, but you should follow the main story to unlock additional characters. By following the story, you will also learn about the game’s lore, including Zariman Ten Zero.

Lore in Warframe

One of the most important tasks in developing video games is writing its story. A well-written and captivating narrative can capture a player’s attention and make them feel many emotions.

A fulfilling story usually stays in the memories and the hearts of those who have experienced it. However, there is 1 more element that can push players in their involvement with the video game, the lore.

Lore is the game’s context and history, which includes the elements that complement the principal narrative. Lore adds depth and richness to the world of a video game and expands its history outside the main narrative.

Warframe: Zariman

The Zariman Ten Zero in Warframe was an Orokin colony ship that disappeared into the Void when the Void-Jump accident occurred.

Warframe: Zariman
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After the incident, the ship’s survivors received mysterious powers from the Void and became the Tenno, which controls the Warframes and fights for the Organ system.

After the events of Angels of the Zariman and The New War, the Zariman reappeared in real space without warning, but it was stuck between realities.

A sound coming from aboard the ship called out to the inhabitants of the Origin system and both Corpus and Grineer attempted to gain control of the vessel.

It soon became the top priority for the Tenno to reclaim their home. There, the Holdfasts, Void manifestations of the Zariman crew were resurrected through Conceptual Embodiment. They are now working to prevent the Zariman from falling into the wrong hands.

It was introduced as a location in Warframe’s 31.5 update. Players can gain permanent access to the Zariman Ten Zero by completing the Angels of the Zariman quest.

Throughout time, Zariman got numerous allies and enemies. The table below lists some of the Zariman’s known enemies:

Category Enemy names
Grineer, Worm queen
  • Kuva Ballista
  • Kuva Butcher
  • Kuva Flameblade
  • Kuva Heavy Gunner
  • Kuva Lancer
  • Kuva Roller
  • Kuva Napalm
  • Kuva Powerclaw
  • Kuva Seeker
  • Kuva Torkarian
  • Manic
Corpus, Parvos Granum
  • Juno Corpus Tech
  • Derivator Crewman
  • Juno Sniper Crewman
  • Fusion MQA
  • Juno Railgun MQA
  • June Mine Osprey
  • Juno Shield Osprey
  • Juno Nullifier Crewman
  • Thrax Centurion
  • Thrax Legatus
  • Void Angel
  • Skittergirl

Angels of the Zariman

Angles of the Zariman is a solo main quest that players can complete to gain permanent access to the Zariman vessel.

Before you begin the quest, you have to complete The New War. Upon attempting to start Angels of the Zariman, players should enhance their Operator and Drifter. You should also spend your unused Focus points, and you should equip an Amp such as Sirocco.

At the beginning of the quest, you have to find the song’s source, as the Zariman is situated in a new location. Once you have found the vessel, you have to stop the Void Cascade, which consists of purging Exolizers of Void energy.

Once this is done, you can talk to Quinn, but your conversation will be interrupted by warnings of a Void Flood.

You have to stop the flood before joining the Void Flood debrief. After the debrief, you must construct an item and defeat enemies.

The quest ends when you have Quinn’s tablet.

Warframe: Zariman
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The Zariman mission system

Once you have permanent access to the Zariman, you will find that it is now available as a mission system where Extractors can be deployed. However, Grineer and Corpus still attempt to occupy it.

It contains 7 nodes: 2 social, and 4 mission nodes, both in normal and Steel Path modes:

  • Exterminate
  • Mobile Defense
  • Void Cascade
  • Void Flood
  • Void Armageddon
  • Hub
  • Personal Quarters

The Holdfast’s syndicate

By completing the quest, you get access to The Holdfast’s syndicate, with the relevant representatives accessible via the Star Chart. The following table outlines the representatives and what they offer:

Representative Offerings
Archimedean Yonta Warframe players can exchange Voidplumes for standing and decorations
Hombask He sells Dormizone Decorations, Voidshell skin materials, and Captura scenes
Cavalero This representative sells Incarnon weapons and Arcane Enchantments
Quinn He offers syndicate ranking ups and Bounties

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