Warframe: Yuvarium loot table

Yuvarium is a unique endless mode in Warframe which follows a specific drop rotation, which spawns every 5 minutes.

In this futuristic video game, Warframe, you can control members of the Tenno as they use Warframes with distinct weapons and abilities to complete missions. One of the survival missions that players can complete is Yuvarium, which has a unique loot table.

Conjunction Survival

Conjunction Survival features a twist on the fan-favourite endless game mode – you have to fight your way across the gilded moon to earn amazing rewards.

This mode features 2 nodes, Yuvarium and Circulus. Yuvarium is for players on levels 25 to level 30, while Circulus is for players levels 80 to level 100.

To get access to this game mode, you have to complete the The War Within quest. Once the quest is complete, you can go to Lua on your Star Chart to start the mission.

You also need to unlock the Zariman tileset to visit Archimedean Yonta, a vendor that sells specific drops, from the Conjunction Survival drop table.

Warframe: Yuvarium loot table

As explained above, you can enjoy 2 different nodes, namely Yuvarium and Circulus. Each node has similar mechanics, but with different drop tables. Rewards in Conjunction Survival spawn every 5 minutes in the following rotation: A, A, B, C.

Warframe: Yuvarium loot table
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The rewards from each rotation for Yuvarium are outlined below:

  • 3000 Credits Cache
  • Somatic Fibers
  • 400 Endo
  • Perigale Blueprint
  • Sarofang Blueprint
  • Neo T6 Relic
  • Neo N21 Relic
  • Neo G4 Relic
  • Neo D5 Relic
  • Neo S15 Relic
  • Neo C2 Relic
  • Neo M4 Relic
  • Sarofang Blade
  • Sarofang Handle
  • Perigale Barrel
  • Perigale Receiver
  • Perigale Stock
  • Axi K8 Relic
  • Axi K9 Relic
  • Axi T8 Relic
  • Axi N9 Relic
  • Axi G8 Relic
  • Axi K10 Relic
  • Axi T10 Relic
  • Voruna Blueprint
  • Voruna Neuroptics Blueprint
  • Voruna Chassis Blueprint
  • Voruna Systems Blueprint

According to the drop rotation, you will receive 2 drops from A before receiving a drop from B and C. Since the rewards spawn every 5 minutes, gamers have a high chance of getting one of the rare drops.

However, you may have to spend hours in Yuvarium before you can acquire one of the rarer drops such as Voruna’s blueprints.

Since Yuvarium is an endless mode, you can invest as many hours in the activity as you want. There is no time or drop limit in Yuvarium. However, it can become frustrating and monotonous to repeat the same activity over and over again.

Item chances

Some items in Yuvarium are rarer than others and therefore, your chances of procuring them are quite low. The following table lists your chances of obtaining the items:

Item Rarity
3000 Credits Cache Common (38.72 percent)
Somatic Fibers Common (38.72 percent)
400 Endo Rare (7.52 percent)
Perigale Blueprint Rare (7.52 percent)
Sarofang Blueprint Rare (7.52 percent)
Neo Relics Uncommon (10 percent)
Sarofang Blade Rare (6 percent)
Sarofang Handle Rare (6 percent)
Perigale Barrel Rare (6 percent)
Perigale Receiver Rare (6 percent)
Perigale Stock Rare (6 percent)
Axi Relics Uncommon (11.36 percent)
Voruna Blueprint Rare (6.82 percent)
Voruna Neuroptics Blueprint Rare (4.55 percent)
Voruna Chassis Blueprint Rare (4.55 percent)
Voruna Systems Blueprint Rare (4.55 percent)


Voruna’s blueprints are the main reason why several players are completing Yuvarium. However, the chances of getting her blueprints are quite low, which means that you may have to spend several hours in the activity to collect them.

If you are not interested in farming the blueprints, you can purchase the blueprints from Archimedean Yonta on the Chrysalith, which is a hub on the Zariman Ten Zero.

However, to access this vendor, you have to complete the Angels of the Zariman quest. Each component requires 75 Lua Thrax Plasm and the main blueprint requires 125.

Tips for Yuvarium

Yuvarium can be difficult to complete as you have to maintain your Warframe’s life support levels by defeating enemies to stay alive. Therefore, it is advisable that you fight enemies near life support capsules.

The Dax soldier generally meditates beside life support capsules, which makes it easier to fight around its powerful aura. Furthermore, you have to reserve your Necramech for reward intervals.

Every 5 minutes, several Thrax units and Sentients will spawn. If you struggle to defeat them, you can summon your Necramech to make the fight easier, which triggers a 10-minute cooldown.

Furthermore, we advise that you use loot Warframes. Additional life support can spawn when you use Nekros’ Desecrate, Ivara’s Prowl, Khora’s Pilfering Strangledome and other loot-related augments and abilities.

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