Warframe: Whispers in the Walls

Warframe recently released the Whispers in the Walls update and it introduced a new quest, items, Warframe and resources among others.

In this action-packed video game, Warframe, you can control members of a race of ancient known as the Tenno.

The Tenno use their powered Warframes, which are equipped with a variety of weapons, along with different abilities to complete activities and defeat enemies.

Whispers in the Wall

The game’s developer, Digital Extremes, recently released update 35, which is also referred to as the Whispers in the Walls update.

The update revealed that the mysteries left behind by Albrecht Entrati and the unknown Man in the Wall have started unraveling. Whispers in the Walls is the next major Chapter of Warframe’s cinematic story.

Warframe: Whispers in the Walls
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Whispers in the Walls not only introduced a new questline, but it also released the 55th Warframe as well as a Cross Platform Save and an abundance of valuable rewards.

The new Cross Platform Save is an optional feature which allows players to Merge or Link their accounts to unify Warframe progress on all platforms.

This means that you can use a single Warframe account across any Linked or Merged platforms. You can now also trade with players on different platforms.

This new trading system will function the same as gifting, except for trading Platinum between Nintendo Switch and other platforms, as it is not available.

New Resource

As you follow the new Whispers in the Walls quest, you will procure new resources. The table below lists the new resources that players can obtain as well as a description of each:

Resource Description
Stela This Void-touched stone contains a threatening essence. This resource is used in Coalescent Fusion. Players can collect this resource by collecting Vosphene Glyphs in Mirror Defense on Deimos and completing Sanctum Anatomica Bounties.
Necracoil This experimental resource transmutes Void energy into high voltages with low currents.
Entrati Oblos These Obols were a commonly recognized mark of the Entrati family during the Orokin era. Some Archimedeans used them as good luck talismans.

Whispers in the Walls quest

As previously mentioned, update 35 introduced a new quest, Whispers in the Wall. In this quest, players have to return to Deimos to investigate Albrecht’s hidden, subterranean Laboratories for any clues he may have left behind.

Although this quest serves as an introduction to the game’s next major chapter, there are certain prerequisites that must be met to access the quest.

Players have to complete Heart of Deimos and The New War to unlock the Whispers in the Walls quest.

When you have completed the new quest, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Access to new Deimos nodes and mission types
  • Access to the Cavia Syndicate in the new Sanctum Anatomic hub on Deimos
  • Melee Arcane Adapter
  • Mentor’s Legacy Mod
  • Melee Upgrade segment
  • New Secondary Weapon: Grimoire
  • Blueprint for the new Warframe: Qorvex

Limited time In-Game Alerts

The Whispers in the Walls update introduced a limited-time in-game alerts event that allows you to earn Sevagoth and Epitaph.

This event began on Wednesday, 13 December 2023 and will conclude on Wednesday, 20 December 2023.

During this time players have to follow alerts to earn the Blueprints and Components for the Sevagoth Warframe as well as his signature Epitaph Secondary Weapon and Glyph.

Alert missions are one-time, temporary missions that will randomly appear in a palace of any mission on a planet’s map which you have previously unlocked.

The following table lists the rewards that you will earn for following the alerts:

Alert Rewards
  • Sevagoth Blueprint
  • Epitaph Blueprint
  • Sevagoth Systems
  • Epitaph Receiver
  • Sevagoth Chassis
  • Epitaph Barrel
  • Sevagoth Neuroptics
  • Sevagoth In-Action Glyph

New Warframe

According to the update, Albrecht Entrati designed a new Warframe called Qorvex, to protect a Chosen Operator from the unique hazards of his lab.

Warframe players can earn Qorvex’s Blueprint and Component Blueprints by completing Cavia Bounties.

However, the blueprints can also be purchased from the Wares and Shiny Treasures Vendor, who is in Sanctum Anatomic.

Similarly to other Warframes, Qorvex contains unique abilities that can be used to vanquish enemies. Its passive ability, Core Exposure, provides an additional 3 Punch Through to any weapon wielded by Qorvex.

Its Helminth and Railjack ability, Chyrinka Pillar, summons a Chyrinka Pillar to slow enemies and it pulses Radiation Damage with a guaranteed Status Effect.

The update also introduced a new archgun, Mandonel and its beam charges Qorvex’s Chyrinka Pillars.

This means that fully changed shots dissolve into a radiation field and projectives which pass through the field gain additional damage, status chance and an increase in critical chance and critical damage.

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