Warframe: Werewolf Frame

Warframe’s developer, Digital Extremes, announced during TennoCon 2022 that they are planning to introduce a wolf-inspired Warframe in the near future.

Warframe is a thrilling free-to-play online video game that combines futuristic elements with role-playing gameplay. The game takes place in a fictional world, in which you can assume the role of a Tenno, who comes from a race of ancient warriors.

The Tenno have awoken from a century-long cryosleep, but they now find themselves at war with a number of factions in the universe.

You have the opportunity to acquire and battle with Warframes, who are the heroes of the game. Bear in mind that you will initially only have a few Warframes, but you can procure additional characters as you progress in the game. Digital Extremes, the game’s developer, recently introduced a wolf-inspired Warframe into the game.


Warframes are categorised into a collection of varying models, each of which personifies a great warrior spirit. Every Warframe is highlight reconfigurable, which means that you can tailor your choice of Warframe to fit an array of playstyles.

Even though certain Warframes excel in a particular situation, none are limited to a single role and no role requires the use of a specific Warframe. You can customise Warframes by installing Modes, which can upgrade Warframe Attributes, alter their abilities, and provide them with additional utilities.

More bonuses can be achieved by equipping different add-ons, including Arcane Enhancements or Arcane Helmets.

Warframe: Werewolf Frame

Earlier this year, Digital Extremes asked Warframe players to complete a survey, and one of the questions in the survey asked players whether it was time to introduce a Werewolf Warframe into the game. At that time, the question stirred numerous rumours as Warframe gamers have been wanting a wolf-inspired Warframe for quite some time.

Warframe: Werewolf Frame
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All Warframe players know that TennoCon is the official convention for the game, as it is hosted by Digital Extremes. In addition to a gathering of the community, the event provides a sneak peek for upcoming or currently developed content.

During TennoCon 2022, the developers announced that they collaborated with the well-renowned comic artist and game designer, Joe Madureira to finally introduce the Wolf-Inspired Warframe. His familiar style from 2010’s Darksiders can clearly be seen in this jagged beast.

A wolf head is planted on each shoulder and hip, which totals 5 wolf heads, including the one on the wolf’s neck. This ferocious monster with sharp talons can allegedly rip apart enemies with ease, only leaving a lingering spray of blood.

The hind legs look like she might be a fast Warframe very similar to Gauss. The wolf spirits that surround the frame appear as though they can be sent to snarl, terrify, and pound upon foes while your Warframe commands from a distance.

Gamers know very little about the Warframe for now. Even the name, Werewolf Frame, is mostly a community-dubbed term. It is alleged that the developer will release additional information about the wolf-inspired Warframe before its official launch.

When will the wolf-inspired Warframe launch?

There is currently no exact date for the launch of the Wolf Warframe. However, many players assume that she will be released alongside the Duviri Paradox expansion, but the release is yet to be confirmed.

How to acquire Warframes

Players will allegedly be able to collect the wolf-inspired Warframe using the same method that has been used to collect other frames. However, it is unclear whether the developers will introduce a special corresponding event with its launch.

Warframes are obtained using 2 general methods, namely, crafting them with in-game materials at the foundry, or purchasing them, fully assembled, from the Market.

It is worth noting that procuring a Warframe requires the use of a storage slot. Players possess a finite number of slots, though these can be expanded by purchasing additional slots at the Market.

How to level up the wolf-inspired Warframe

Since the wolf-inspired character is a Warframe, it has to be levelled up, but you should keep in mind that you have to collect it first. Warframes require Affinity, which is like experience points, in order to reach higher ranks and levels.

Every Warframe levels up separately from other Warframes to a maximum of Rank 30. Players should note that each of the Warframes’ equipped weapons also have Affinity ranks, which increases separately from the Warframes.

During missions, you are rewarded Affinity through actions, such as using abilities, completing objectives, and killing enemies. For each level up, your Warframe will gain additional health, shield, and energy points, as well as 200 mastery points.

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