Warframe: Shade Prime Relics

You can either farm the Shade Prime Relics in Warframe or you can exchange the Relics for Platinum.

Warframe is a popular video game that allows you to take control of the Tenno, which is a race of ancient warriors who find themselves at war with varying factions.

One of the Sentinels you can acquire is Shade, who is now available in Prime form. However, you need to acquire Shade Prime Relics to build the Shade Prime.

Warframe: Shade Prime Relics

In order to build the Shade Prime, you have to procure Shade Prime Relics. These relics can only be obtained by completing missions in Warframe. All of the missions in the game have unique drop tables that dictate rewards.

You will need 4 Relics to construct the Shade Prime, each of which can be found at a distinct location:

Shade Prime item Location Rarity
Cerebrum Neo (N22) Common
Carapace Lith (S15) Rare
Systems Axi (B6) Uncommon
Blueprint Meso (N14) Uncommon

You may need to run through each area a few times before you can acquire the Relic that you are looking for. However, you can group up with other players to make farming Relics quicker.

Relic missions

If you know which missions to complete to get specific Relics, the farm will be quite easy. You need to acquire 4 different relics in any of the following locations:

Location Mission description
Axi Xini on Eris: This mission drops Axi Relics on the second and third rounds
Neo Eris at the Oestrus: This infested Salvage mission can be completed quicker in a group, which makes it a great spot to farm the Neo Relic
Meso Io on Jupiter: This defence mission is easy to complete if you stay central and if you use an area-of-effect attack
Lith Hepit in the Void: This mission rewards you with Lith Relics every 60 to 90 seconds

Building the Prime Shade

Once you have all 4 Relics, you will be able to construct your Prime Shade. Bear in mind that you need 15 000 Credits to complete the building process.

Furthermore, you need 1 Prime Carapace, Cerebrum, System, and 6 Orokin Cells if you want to build the Prime Shade.

It will take 24 hours to complete the process of building a Shade Prime, but you can speed up the process by using 30 Platinum.

Purchasing Shade Prime Relics

If you are not interested in farming the Relics, you can purchase the relics on the Warframe Market website. There are different sellers on the market, each of which determines their own price.

Most sellers require a specific quantity of Platinum, which is the in-game currency that can be bought with real world currency.

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