Warframe Operation: Plague Star

Operation: Plague Star is the only reoccurring event in Warframe where players can obtain several rewards for completing a mission.


Warframe is popular free-to-play action online video game, developed and published by Digital Extremes. Players are able to control members of the Tenno, who are a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from a century-long cryosleep.

However, they now find themselves at war in the planetary system with various factions, including the Sentients, Grineer, the Infested and Corpus. The Tenno use powered bio-mechanical suits, called Warframes, to channel their unique abilities and skills.

The game consists of various missions for players to complete. Even though the game’s missions use procedurally-generated levels, the newer updates have included massive open world areas. Additionally, it introduced some story-specific missions with fixed level design.

It is important to note that the game is supported by microtransactions. This mean that players can purchase in-game items using real money. However, it also offers the option to earn the items through grinding, which is completely free.

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Warframe features elements of parkour, role-playing, shooting and melee games This allows players to advance their Tenno with new and improved gear, weapons and items. However, the game also includes both player-versus-player and player-versus-environment gaming modes.

New players will begin with a silent pseudo-protagonist, which is a Warframe. The character possesses supernatural agility and special abilities. Additionally, the character has a selection of basic weapons and a space ship called the Orbiter.

The objective at this point is to explore the Star chart. As players progress in the game, they take control of the Operator. It is the true Tenno protagonist in physical form and is no longer silent. The Operator features additional abilities, including Transference and Necramech.

In the Orbiter, players will find a console, from which they can select any of the available missions to them. It is important to note that the main missions require players to complete specific missions in the Solar System. Only when everything is completed can players have access to other planets or locations.

Occasionally, the game’s developer will introduce a new operation, which can be seen as a in-game event. One of the reoccurring events in Warframe is Operation: Plague Star. During the event, players are tasked with destroying an infested meteorite, which crashed in the Plains of Eidolon.

Subsequently, its passengers threaten to overwhelm both Grineer and Ostron alike. Since it is a reoccurring event, the infested “boil” regrows every several months. The Tenno are then called out to defeat it once more.

Warframe Operation: Plague Star

During the event, Konzu has a specific Plague Star bounty, where players are asked to steal the Toxin from Grineer and use it on the boil. It is important to note that this process is divided into different phases.

During the first phase, players need to raid the Grineer’s Thrax Toxin storage. It is situated in one of the Caves that dot the plains. It is recommended that players look for a unit that has a rounded pyramid shape dotted with yellow lights. The toxin is usually located at the far end of the cave.

When players obtained the toxin, they need to head to a Toxin mixer. However, it will spawn in the Armored Vault in a given Grineer outpost. While the Toxin is in the mixer, players will have to defend it for three minutes from Grineer units.

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Players should note that they can either add Infested Catalysts or Eidolon Phylaxes to the mix. However, this option is not mandatory. This will increase the Standing reward from the bounty, in exchange for increased difficulty later on.

Once the Toxin is mixed, players are instructed to travel to a downed Grineer Drone. The drone will deliver the Toxin to the growing boil. However, players need to defend the drone from Infested and Grineer units as it travels.

As the Drone reaches its destination, the boil will respond by summoning Infested troops to defend itself. Players should thus defeat the troops while the Toxin poisons the boil. It is important to note that the decisions made during the mixing phase will affect the difficult of this phase.

When the gauge reaches 100 percent, the bounty will be complete. It will award players with Standing; however, it is based on how many Eidolon Phylazxes or Infested Catalysts were added. After the mission, players can return to Cetus, remain on the plains, or visit a bounty tent to undertake the mission again.

When will Operation: Plague Star occur?

It is believed that the event only occurs once a year. However, it is yet to be announce when the Operation: Plague Star 2022 will happen.


Warframe is a popular online multiplayer game that allows players to take control of a Tenno. They are a race of ancient fighters, who have woken from a century-long cyrosleep. Occasionally, the game’s developers, Digital Extremes, launches an in-game event for players to participate in.

One of the reoccurring events is Operation: Plague Star. During this time, players are asked with destroying an infested meteorite. It crashed in the Plains of Eidolon. Some players complete the mission paired with this event several times, as it offers unique rewards.

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