Warframe: Lucky Deals

Warframe players can purchase items at a 25 percent discount in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Gamers can indulge themselves in a modern, fictional world in this adventurous game, Warframe. There are several enjoyable activities in the game, but there are also limited-time events that you can participate in.

One of the events Warframe is celebrating is St. Patrick’s Day, which offers players Lucky Deals.

Warframe: Lucky Deals

From Wednesday 15 March 2023 until 22 March 2023, gamers can get up to 25 percent off on fan-favourite weapons and customisations in Warframe. Festive Tenno can rediscover the Shamrock Color Palette, which can be purchased for 1 Credit.

Furthermore, the following items are available in the “Popular” section of the in-game market at a 25 percent discount:

Category Items
  • Endura Collection: Endura Weapon, Nidina Armor Bundle and Broca Syandana
  • Daedalus Armor (offered as a bundle or individual pieces)
  • Rhoptron Syandana
  • Dual Zoren
  • Galatine
  • Cassowar
  • Ballistica
  • Castanas
  • Vasto
  • Astilla
  • Fulmin
  • Paris

Players should note that the discounted prices will be removed from the game when the event concludes. Meaning that you cannot purchase the items at a 25 percent discount after 22 March 2023.

Therefore, you should purchase an item before the discounted price is removed if you are interested in any of them.

Shamrock Colour Palette

When looking at previous St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, the Shamrock Colour Palette was available for purchase every time. If you did not purchase the palette during the previous celebrations, you can now purchase it for 1 Credit.

However, if you already own the palette, you do not have to purchase it again. With this palette, you can customise your Warframe, weapons, and landing craft.

How to complete a purchase

If you are interested in purchasing one of the Lucky Deals, you have to open the in-game market and select the item that you want to purchase. Following the given instructions, you have to enter your payment details  to finalise the purchase.

Once the purchase is complete, you instantly receive the product that you purchased. It can either be found in your inventory, or you will receive the product from your in-game mail.

Will there be other deals in the future?

At the time of writing this, it is unknown whether instantly the developers will introduce deals in the future or not. Moreover, the chances that the same items will be on sale are very slim.

The developers may introduce another sale, but the items will likely differ from the Lucky Deals. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase the item you want now, while it is available at a discounted price.

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