Warframe: Larkspur Prime

The Larkspur Prime is a heavy Arch-gun in Warframe, but some players believe the weapon is not worth the farm.

Warframe is a free-to-play video game that takes place in a futuristic, fictional setting. You can control members of the Tenno, who use their powered Warframes with various weapons and abilities to complete quests.

One of the weapons that you can acquire is Larkspur Prime, which is the primed counterpart of the Larkspur.

What type of gun is the Larkspur Prime?

The Larkspur Prime is a heavy Arch-gun, which is most frequently used in zero-gravity Archwing combat. Arch-guns are primarily developed when an Archwing is used in Archwing, Submersible, and Empyrean missions.

That being said, Free Roam missions continue to use primary and secondary weapons. Unlike traditional weapons, Arch-guns have no separate ammo reserve or magazine.

The weapons have a regeneration magazine and its contents replenish to full when the weapon is not firing. Therefore, these weapons have unlimited ammunition and do not require replenishment from ammo pickups.

Although the weapons are only usually in zero-gravity combat, you can use the weapons in ground combat by installing the Gravimag upgrade, after an Orokin Catalyst is installed.

Warframe: Larkspur Prime

The Larkspur Prime is the primed counterpart of the Larkspur heavy Arch-gun. This weapon features increased Critical Chance and Critical Multiplier as well as Status Chance on Alternate Fire.

The utility stats of the Larkspur Prime are as follows:

Category Description
Accuracy 8.3
Fire Rate 12 attacks per second
Noise Level Alarming
Magazine Size 100
Reload Time 4.5 seconds
Reload Delay 2.5 seconds
Reload Rate 50 rounds per second
Projectile Type Hit-Scan
Spread 12 degrees

It is worth noting that this weapon primarily deals primarily Radiation damage, which is one of the 6 secondary elemental damage types.

It is highly effective against the Alloy Armor, which is worn by several high-level Grineer units, Corpus Robotic units, and larger Eidolons. However, the weapon has a disadvantage to Corpus Shields and most Infested enemies.

The Larkspur Prime’s primary fire releases a continuous beam that can chain up to 3 enemies after hitting the main target.

Each chain does 80 percent of the previous chain’s damage. However, in Atmospheric mode, the beam chains to enemies within 6 meters of the initial target.

In Archwing mode, the max chain distance is increased to 30 meters. Furthermore, Alternate Fire charges and releases an energy grenade, which explodes in a 9.6 meter radius upon impacting a surface.

This feature has pinpoint accuracy and the projectile has a guaranteed knockdown proc.

On top of that, the projectile has infinite punch through on bodies, but the initial hit and explosion apply status separately. The explosion does not need a direct line of sight to deal damage, though, and can penetrate walls.

Which Warframe should use the Larkspur Prime?

The Larkspur Prime is the signature weapon of Hildryn Prime, which is the Primed version of Hildryn. Hildryn Prime has improved Health, Shields, and Sprint Speed. You will also benefit from additional polarity.

Bear in mind that you have to acquire Hildryn Prime’s blueprints in order to construct it. The table below outlines the systems where you can find the necessary blueprints:

Blueprint System
Neuroptics Blueprint Neo S17
Blueprint Axi H6
Systems Blueprint Lith H8
Chassis Blueprint Meso P11

Once you have collected all the blueprints, you may need to farm the required materials to construct each blueprint. It takes approximately 12 hours for each blueprint to be built once you have the necessary materials.

Is the Larkspur Prime worth it?

Some players received the Larkspur Prime through Prime Access, which is a paid membership for Warframe. The membership is optional, but some players are considering getting the membership to procure the weapon.

Although the Larkspur Prime is a great weapon, YouTuber Gaz TTV  believes that the weapon is not worth it.

He stated that the weapon does a lot of damage, but it takes some time to defeat enemies. In a recent YouTube video, Gaz TTV used the Larkspur Prime to defeat level 50 enemies.

The showcase revealed that the weapon used 2 magazines to kill the enemies, whereas a primary weapon killed the enemies within a few seconds.

However, the Larkspur Prime may suit your personal playstyle and therefore, we recommend that you experiment with the weapon to see if it meets your needs.

How to acquire the Larkspur Prime

If you did not acquire the Larkspur Prime from Prime Access, you can still obtain the weapon by farming the Larkspur Prime Relics. the relics are in the following systems:

Relic System
Larkspur Prime Blueprint Meso H4
Larkspur Prime Receiver Axi G10
Larkspur Prime Stock Lith K10
Larkspur Prime Barrel Neo L2

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