Warframe: Kuva Lich element

The Progenitor Warframe that you use to summon a Kuva Lich in Warframe determines which elemental bonus the enemy will receive.

Warframe is an adventurous video game that takes place in a futuristic setting. Gamers can assume the role of the Tenno, who controls several Warframes to complete quests and destroy enemies. One of the enemies that you can defeat is the Kuva Lich.

The Warframe that you use to defeat this enemy determines the elemental damage bonuses that the Kuva Lich weapon will have.

What is Kuva Lich?

Kuva Lich is a Warframe enemy introduced in update 26, the Old Blood. This enemy hunts you down and invades the system.

You have to defeat a Kuva Larvling to find a Kuva Lich. These smaller enemies can be found in any regular level 20 and above Grineer mission in the Origin System.

However, you will not find a Kuva Larvling in the following systems:

  • Void Fissures
  • Sorties
  • Quests
  • Invasion
  • Dark Quests

It is worth noting that Kuva Lich enemies are extremely powerful and, thus, should not be attempted by early-game players.

Warframe: Kuva Lich element

Before summoning a new Kuva Lich, think about which Warframe you want to use. The Warframe that summons a Kuva Lich determines which elemental damage bonus the Kuva Lich’s weapon will have and the type of Ephemera they will have if they spawn with one.

Furthermore, the Progenitor Warframe dictates the Lich’s abilities. If you cannot summon a Kuva Larvling, you may need to complete the War Within quest.

This questline explores the origin of the Twin Queens, Teshin, the truth behind the Zariman Ten Zero incident, and a series of trials.

You must have a Mastery Rank of 5, complete the Second Dream quest, and complete the Sedna Junction at Pluto to commence this quest. When you meet all the requirements, you can summon a Kuva Larvling.

Every Kuva Larvling that you summon will become a Kuva Lich. When you defeat a Kuva Lich, you will be rewarded with its unique weapon.

If you see a Kuva Larvling with a weapon that you do not want, you can finish the mission and summon another Kuva Larvling.

Most players summon and defeat a Kuva Lich in order to collect its weapon. Acquiring every Kuva Lich weapon is a long and sometimes difficult process, but the weapons are quite powerful, which makes the farm worth it.

Which Progenitor Warframe do you need to use?

The Progenitor Warframe that you use determines the Kuva Lich’s elemental bonuses. The Progenitor Warframes you should use if you want to summon a specific element are as follows:

Element Progenitor Warframe
  • Ash
  • Equinox
  • Garuda
  • Loki
  • Mirage
  • Nyx
  • Octavia
  • Voruna
  • Citrine
  • Harrow
  • Hydroid
  • Lavos
  • Mag
  • Mesa
  • Xaku
  • Yareli
  • Atlas
  • Ivara
  • Khora
  • Nekros
  • Nidus
  • Oberon
  • Saryn
  • Chroma
  • Ember
  • Inaros
  • Nezha
  • Protea
  • Vauban
  • Wisp
  • Banshee
  • Caliban
  • Excalibur
  • Gyre
  • Limbo
  • Nova
  • Valkyr
  • Volt
  • Frost
  • Gara
  • Hildryn
  • Revenant
  • Styanax
  • Titania
  • Trinity
  • Baruuk
  • Gauss
  • Grendel
  • Rhino
  • Sevagoth
  • Wukong
  • Zephyr
Warframe: Kuva Lich element
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How to kill a Kuva Lich

Players should  note that you can only have 1 Kuva Lich after you at a time, which you need to kill before you can summon a new one. We recommend that you use your Parazon with Requiem mods to kill a Kuva Lich.

The mods form a puzzle and must be used in the correct order to deliver the killing blow. To figure out the combination, kill the Lich’s Thralls and accumulate Requiem Murmurs. Once you have the Murmurs, the Requiem Mod will be revealed.

Because you need to figure out the order, you can either do some trial and error or you can wait until you know all 3 Requiem mods. However, every failed attempt to slay a Lich will cause it to evolve and grow stronger.

Kuva Lich weapons

There are more than 10 Kuva Lich weapons in Warframe that you can procure by defeating Kuva Liches. The table below describes some of these Lich weapons:

Kuva Lich weapon Description
Kuva Karak It is the custom weapon of a fearsome Kuva Lich. It contains higher reload speed, lower recoil, and greater accuracy than the Karak rifle.
Kuva Ogris This weapon fires detonate-infused casings semi-automatically from a smaller clip while dealing greater damage per shot.
Kuva Tonkor A grenade launcher that hurls mayhem and destruction with an increased reload speed.
Kuva Twin Stubbas This weapon has a higher fire-rate and clip capacity.
Kuva Kraken It fires 3 quick shots with a single pull of the trigger. It has higher fire rate, magazine capacity, and reload speed.

Weapon tier list

Some Kuva weapons are better than others. The weapons are ranked, so the S-tier has the best Kuva weapons while the D-tier has the worst Kuva weapons.

S-tier A-tier B-tier C-tier D-tier
  • Kuva Bramma
  • Kuva Zarr
  • Kuva Nukor
  • Kuva Hind
  • Kuva Tonkor
  • Kuva Hek
  • Kuva Chakkhurr
  • Kuva Seer
  • Kuva Ayanga
  • Kuva Shildeg
  • Kuva Karak
  • Kuva Quartakk
  • Kuva Ogris
  • Kuva Brakk
  • Kuva Drakgoon
  • Kuva Grattler
  • Kuva Twin Stubbas
  • Kuva Kraken
  • Kuva Kohm

Requiem Mods

Only Requiem Mods and Relics can kill a Kuva Lich. Although other weapons and teammates can attack a Lich, only a certain combination of mods can defeat a Lich.

Mods can be procured from Requiem Relics, which can be earned from Kuva Flood as a guaranteed reward.

There is also a 5 percent chance that you will loot a Relic if you defeat Thralls. Once you have a relic, you have to refine it in Void Fissure Missions on the Kuva Fortress. When refined, the Requiem Relics will open and can drop a Requiem Mod.

Different mods

There are 8 mods that you can acquire from Requiem Relics. You can use any combination of the 8 mods to kill a Kuva Lich. You can obtain Lohk, Xata, Jahu, Vome, Ris, Fass, Netra, and Khra.

Unfortunately, you cannot predict which mods you will need to defeat a Lich since the mod combinations are endless. We recommend that you vanquish the Lich Thralls to know the exact combination before trying to defeat a Kuva Lich.

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