Warframe: Helminth Cyst

Warframe players can drain a Helminth Cyst in order to breed the Helminth Charger pet, however this will not remove the cyst permanently.

You can enjoy futuristic elements in this explorative video game, Warframe. Players assume the role of a Tenno, who controls unique Warframes to destroy enemies and complete quests.

At one point in the game, you will encounter a Helminth Cyst, which will infect your Warframe.

What is the Helminth?

The Helminth is a being that resides in the Helminth Infirmary of the Orbiter. However, the door is sealed, and it requires special access methods to enter.

It is responsible for the ship’s biological functions, including the behind-the-scenes repair and the maintenance of the Warframes.

The infestation in the room as a whole is part of the Helminth, however, the main body of the Helminth is the big mouth attached to the back of the wall. The Helminth uses its mouth to swallow resources.

You can interact with the Helminth’s core functions by having your Warframe sit down on the infested chair in the center of the room.

Warframe: Helminth Cyst

The Helminth room can only be accessed once you have obtained a Helminth Cyst. You can get the cyst from another infected player or by equipping Nidus and Nidus Prime.

Keep in mind that Nidus and Nidus Prime are always infected, which means that you do not have to be infected.

If you let any Warframe sit in the chair, a needle will inject the left side of the Warframe’s neck and will release it afterward. Alternatively, you can get infected by playing with another player that has the Helminth Cyst.

The needle process will infect the Warframe with the Helminth virus and will also ‘awaken’ Helminth in the Infirmary. This triggers the Helminth’s communications to the Tenno.

If you decide to pop the cyst, it will be gone for good, but we recommend that you do not remove the cyst.

24 Hours after your Warframe is infected, a small, pink Infest cyst will start growing at the site of injection. The cyst will continue to grow in size for 3 days.

You can drain the mature cyst while incubating a Kubrow to breed a new type of Companion, the Helminth Charger, from the Orbiter’s Incubator Segment.

Even after you drain the cyst, a new one will appear after 24 hours. This ultimately means that your Warframe will continue to be infected regardless of how many times you drain the cyst.

If you drain a fully mature cyst in the Incubator, a Helminth Charger will start growing.

Warframe: Helminth Cyst
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Helminth Charger

The Helminth Charger is a pet that you can obtain in Warframe which has several skills:

Skill name Description
Proboscis It allows the Helminth Charger to harpoon enemies and pull them back.
Trample The Helminth Charger tackles a nearby opponent. The tackle can also hit multiple targets
Strain Eruption Maggots spawned by the Helminth Charger explode on death, which deals Corrosive damage based on a percentage of an enemy’s health.
Strain Fever It increases the damage of the Helminth Charger per cyst.

How to incubate a cyst

While using the infested Warframe, you can select the “Begin Incubation” option, which is under the “Kubrow Breeding” tab.

In the menu, a new Helminth Cyst option will appear at the bottom of the Incubator via a button marked “Drain”. Keep in mind that an egg will be consumed if you choose this option.

Clicking this button will bring up a confirmation dialogue, after which the incubation process will proceed as it would for any other pet.

Requirements to grow a Helminth Charger

If you do not have a Kubrow Egg, Incubator Core, and a Stasis Slot available, you will not be able to grow a Helminth Charger.

Furthermore, you have to put any pets that you have into status to make up space for the new one as you may only have 1 active pet, and breeding a new pet will create a conflict of space.

When you meet all the requirements, you can select the “Incubation” option, which is located on your Orbiter, to begin breeding the Helminth Cyst.

How to remove the Helminth Cyst

After incubating your Helminth Charger, you may want to remove the cyst from your Warframe permanently. After entering the Helminth room, you can sit on the chair with the infested Warframe, and it will reveal an option to cure the cyst.

Warframe: Helminth Cyst
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Once you remove the cyst from a Warframe, they will become immune to future infections, which guarantees that you will not get reinfected.

If you did not use the cyst to grow a Helminth Charger, and you permanently remove the cyst, you may not be able to use that Warframe again to become infected.

Can you infect other players?

Once you are infested with the Helminth virus and the cyst is growing, anyone you come in contact with will be infected, irrespective of whether they are your friend, a clan mate, or a random player you do not know.

Since some players do not want to be infected, we recommend that you only complete solo missions or stay within your Orbiter until you have drained and permanently removed the cyst.

Alternatively, you can let other players know in the global chat that you are infected. Players who want to become infected can contact you to become infected.

Can Prime Warframes be infected?

All Warframes, including Prime Warframes, can be infected with the Helminth Cyst and the chances of being infected on a mission are quite high as you may run into infected players.

However, if you used the Helminth Infirmary to immunise your Warframes, you cannot be infected anymore, even if you run into an infected Warframe.

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