Warframe: Felarx

The Felarx in Warframe is a powerful shotgun that can transform into dual wielding pistols once it has entered its incarnate mode.

Gamers are invited to indulge themselves in a futuristic world in this riveting video game, Warframe. You can assume the role of a member of the Tenno, which is a race of ancient warriors. They have awoken from a century-long sleep, but they are now at war with factions in the planetary system.

On your quest to defeat enemies, you will construct and collect an array of Warframes, which is a mysterious, weaponised armour controlled solely by the Tenno. Warframes are divided into a collection of models, each of which personifies a warrior spirit. Each Warframe can be equipped with a range of weapons, one of which is the Felarx.


Weapons are not only used by Warframes, but they are also used by Sentinels, Archwings, and enemies to deal damage. Weapons can be levelled up for more mod capacity to apply more mods and increase capability.

There are currently 3 main weapon types used by Warframes, namely, Primary, Secondary, and Melee weapons. Sentinels have a single weapon called Robotic, which can be levelled up independently.

Most weapons can be constructed in the Foundry, however, you first have to procure their blueprints and resources. You will earn blueprints and components when you complete quests, but some may be available for purchase in the Market.

Warframe: Felarx

One of the Primary weapons you can acquire in the game is the Felarx. It is an Icarnon ceremonial shotgun, but it does not have much use in the current boom and zoom meta. This weapon acts as a buckshot shotgun in its default state, and it features statistics comparable to the Tenet Arca Plasmor.

Warframe: Felarx
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The Felarx is a master rank 1 fully automatic shotgun that does primarily slash damage. Although it is also capable of dealing a decent amount of puncture and impact damage. The weapon fires 4 pellets by default, which do not spread out widely.

It is a 6 round magazine with a 3.7 second reload and it features 20 percent critical chance with 2 times crit multiplayer. It is worth noting that the Felarx has a 5.5 percent status chance per projectile.

But since it is an incarnate weapon, it has an incarnate mode which switches it into dual wielding pistols that primarily deals radiation damage, and the secondary damage is impact.

In the incarnate mode, the Felarx becomes semi-automatic with 20 percent critical chance. It also has a 3 times critical multiplier and the status chance is increased to 20 percent. To activate the incarnate mode, you have to headshot enemies.

Then, you can select the secondary fire button which transforms the weapon into its incarnate mode. You can activate this mode at any level of charge, but it will affect the quantity of shots you have in the incarnate mode.

It is recommended that players wait until the incarnate bar is fully charged, as they can then fire approximately 60 shots.

How to acquire the Felarx

As stated, you have to collect blueprints and resources before you can construct the Felarx. Its main blueprint is available for purchase from Cavalero of The Holdfasts for 8 000 Standing. You can only purchase this item when you have reached Rank 3 – Guardian.

Once you have the blueprints, you have to procure the following materials and currencies:

  • 30 000 Credits
  • 10 Voidplume Pinion
  • 15 Voidplume Quill
  • 30 Voidgel Orb
  • 8 000 Alloy Plate

Gamers should note that it takes approximately 24 hours to construct this weapon, but they can decrease the time by paying 50 Platinum.

Where to acquire the necessary materials

Some players may already have the required materials and currencies in their inventory, but others have to farm it. The table below lists the ingredients needed to construct the Felarx and where to acquire them:

Resource How to acquire
Credits Players will earn Credits for each mission they complete. You can also acquire Credits by killing enemies, breaking containers, and searching lockers
Voidplume Pinion You have to defeat Dormant Void Angles, found in the Zariman tileset
Voidplume Quill It is an uncommon resource dropped from Void Angels on the Zariman tileset
Voidgel Orb It is a rare resource found upon Zariman Ten Zero. You can get it by defeating enemies and looting containers
Alloy Plate This common competence can be found on Venus, Jupiter, Sedna, Ceres, Pluto, and Phobos

Can the incarnate mode be deactivated?

There may be a time during a battle where you wish to deactivate the Felarx incarnate mode, but deactivating the mode will deplete all charges you have collected. Thus, it is advised that you carefully consider the best time to activate the mode as you might waste all the energy you have collected to activate it.

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