Warframe: Entrati Lanthorn Farm

Entrati Lanthorn is an extremely rare resource in Warframe, luckily, there are numerous methods players can use to farm it.

Warframe is a well-renowned video game that invites gamers to immerse themselves in a fantasy world. The game is set in the near future, and you can take on the role of a Tenno in it.

The Tenno is a race of ancient warriors which has awoken from a century-long cryosleep. As a member of the Tenno, you now find yourself at war with different factions in the planetary system.

As you progress in the game, you will discover a variety of items and currencies. It is worth noting that some items have various purposes, while others have none. Moreover, resources have varying rarities, which means that some resources are of greater value than others.

Resources in Warframe

Resources are items that can be acquired during any mission around the Star Chart. These items usually have various uses, depending on the type of resource it is. However, most of them are only used to manufacture other items in the Foundry with blueprints.

There is a wide range of resources, as they are categorised by their method of collection, the quantity obtained, and their primary purpose. The table below lists some of the types of resources you can find as you advance in the game:

Resource type Resource Example
  • Nano Spores
  • Alloy Plate
  • Salvage
  • Rubedo
  • Plastids
  • Circuits
  • Orokin Cell
  • Argon Crystal
  • Control Module
  • Detonite Ampule
  • Mutagen Sample

Warframe: Entrati Lanthorn Farm

One of the rare resources you can acquire in Warframe is Entrati Lanthorn, but this resource can only be found in Zariman Ten Zero. Entrati Lanthorn is a ceremonial beacon that players can use to map Void locations onto real space. This resource cannot be sold, and it is untradeable.

Since Entrati Lanthorn is rare, players are having a difficult time obtaining it. Fortunately, there are a few ways that players can farm it.

However, the best method to use to farm Entrati Lanthorn is to utilise the spare parts sentinel mod, which causes your sentinel companion to drop a rare resource upon death.

Bear in mind that the kind of rare resource that your sentinel drops depends on the drop table of a specific planet. Players simply have to equip spare parts on a sacrificial sentinel companion and start one of the Zariman missions.

You can then run into some mobs before switching into operator to go into void mode, so that the enemies start targeting the sentinel.

Once your sentinel has died, you can revive it, which essentially means sacrificing yourself. You can repeat this until your last revive and then complete the mission. Gamers have claimed that they earned 4 Lanthorns in less than 5 minutes using this method.

It is important to note that you may not be as lucky, as the Entrati Lanthorn drops are not guaranteed. If you realise that you are not collecting Entrati Lanthorns, you can try an alternative method.

Warframe: Entrati Lanthorn Farm
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Alternative farming methods

It is alleged that the typical necros or quora setups for resource farming could be effective for farming Entrati Lanthorn. However, you have to consider that there is no Zariman survival mission and the closest is either void Armageddon or void cascade.

Keep in mind that Entrati Lanthorn also drops from random caches, which means that you have to destroy a random resource container. It is advisable that players commence the Halako Perimeter mission to farm Entrati Lanthorns.

Players who have good gear can consider completing the bounty missions, as they can earn Entrati Lanthorn as a reward for completing the mission.

Drop rates

You can earn Entrati Lanthorn by completing missions in the Zariman. One of the best ways to farm the resource is by completing the Exterminate and Mobile Defence missions. The Entrati Lanthorn has a 10 percent drop rate when you have successfully completed the missions.

The Void Armageddon, Void Cascade, and Void Flood missions also offer you an opportunity to acquire Entrati Lanthorn, but at a drop rate of 6.67 percent.

The bounty missions allegedly have the lowest drop rate, so completing the Exterminate and Mobile Defence missions is recommended.

Blueprints that require Entrati Lanthorn

As previously mentioned, most resources are used to craft other items in the Foundry, and Entrati Lanthorn is no exception. Some of the blueprints that require Entrati Lanthorn are as follows:

Blueprint Quantity
The Holdfast Angel 20
Gyre Chassis 12
Alternox 16
The Holdfast Guardian 10

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