Virtual Families 3: Resort

The newly-added Family Resort feature in Virtual Families 3 allows your characters to renovate an abandoned resort in order to increase the approval rating from guests.

Virtual Families 3 is similar to other simulation games, but it has a much more passive approach, with a focus around levelling up in the game.

A new feature in the Virtual Families 3 game is the Family Resort that your characters can travel to and renovate in order to increase their approval rating.

Why do people play Virtual Families 3?

The Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home game comes as the most recent release by game developer, Last Day at Work, which is also well-known for its other casual, life simulation games including the Virtual Villagers games, Fish Tycoon games, Little Pocket Pet game, and casino games.

Most people start playing the Virtual Families 3 game, because on its surface, it is very similar to The Sims.

However, when you delve deeper into the game, it quickly becomes clear that the gameplay is a lot more passive than in the Sims games, and that there is a larger focus on progressing through the various levels in the game.

Virtual Families 3: Resort

As with all games, Virtual Families 3 is constantly being upgraded and updated. With the newest 2.0.42 upgraded version, Last Day at Work has also added some interesting new facets to the game, like the Mountain Resort.

When you unlock the Resort within the Virtual Families 3 game, your characters will have the opportunity to travel to and renovate an old and abandoned resort.

Virtual Families 3: Resort
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When your characters first get the opportunity to travel to this resort, the trip will be similar to taking a family trip, but instead of just visiting a different location in the game, this gives you the opportunity to create new storylines for your character and it may even include some mysteries and challenges along the way.

You will notice at first when you arrive at the resort that it is extremely run down and in need of some serious renovations.

Fortunately, you can get started right away with trying to renovate and decorate this resort so that the guests that visit the space give you a higher approval rating.

It is vital that you get your approval rating as high as possible, because this will give you access to new furniture and renovations within the game.

However, taking that all into account, it is much easier to understand all of this once you understand all the details about how to get to this resort, how the restorations work, and how the approval system works.

How to get to the Virtual Families 3 Resort

Once The Resort has been unlocked in your Virtual Families game, you will be able to travel to this resort in a similar way to how you would travel to take a regular family trip. This means that you simply need to tap on the travel icon on your main screen.

Once the travel menu pops up, you will notice a new option displayed next to the usual “Family Trip” option.

This option is called the “Family Resort” and when you click on this option, your family will travel to the Mountain Resort that they purchased for a very low price in order to renovate it and make it an enjoyable and creatively decorated resort that guests can visit and that they will enjoy staying in.

How do the renovations work in the Resort in Virtual Families 3?

Once your characters in Virtual Families 3 arrive at this resort, you will immediately notice that the place is in a poor condition, and it will need some renovations.

Your characters will be able to clean some of the messes in the space on their own, but for the bigger renovation and to find furniture, you need to visit the “Shop”.

Within the “Shop”, there are some common items that will always be available to purchase. However, the larger renovations require that you have a certain approval rating, and the furniture will also be limited to the rooms included in the on-going renovations list.

Virtual Families 3: Resort
© Last Day of Work

How do approval ratings work for the Resort in Virtual Families 3?

Each of the guests that visit your resort will give a review-like assessment that will impact your overall resort approval rating.

The higher this approval rating is, the more access you get to luxury renovations and furniture. This is why it is so important to ensure that your approval rating is always increasing.

You can improve your approval rating by ensuring that guests get good service, which can be done by upgrading the furniture and your characters and by ensuring that the space is renovated as well as it can be.

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