Virtual Families 3: Pets

A recent update introduced the pet system in Virtual Families 3, which means you can purchase a dog, cat, reptile or rodent of your choice.


Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home is a popular mobile game, in which you can experience real-life and role-playing elements. This game forms part of the well-known Virtual Villagers series developed by Last Day of Work.

Unlike the other games in the series, this one allows you to move into a run-down, but cosy home in the middle of a forest. It is important to note that the game consists of various features and activities for you to participate in.

Since the game is seen as a virtual life, you can perform numerous actions in the game just as you would in real life. This means that you can cook food, get a job, make friends, decorate your house and have children among others.

Virtual Families 3
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What is the objective of having numerous activities?

It is clear that you can participate in various activities and perform numerous tasks in the game. According to research, a game is very likely to keep its players engaged and interested if it consists of a variety of things to do.

You should remember that some of the activities in the game may be locked when you start playing. Luckily, you can unlock them as you advance in the story. This is a way to motivate players to play the game for longer periods of time, as they want to unlock certain activities.

Virtual Families 3: Pets

Last Day of Work recently updated the game, which introduced the pet feature. This means that all players are now able to purchase a pet to join their virtual family.

To add a pet, you can click on the Store tab. Here you will find that a new option has been added and it is indicated by an animal’s paw. After you have clicked on the “Pet Store” option, you will see different kinds of pets at the top of the menu.

You can find cats, dogs, reptiles and rodents. Moreover, you can purchase pet furniture and pet food. There are different breeds of animals in each category. That being said, each breed has its own price. This means that some breeds may be more expensive than others.

Virtual Families 3- Pet store
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Once you have purchased your first pet, you will unlock an achievement and receive rewards. Please note that the achievement you will unlock depends on what pet you buy first.

Pet prices

As mentioned above, different breeds of animals have different prices. The following table indicates some of the breeds in the game and their prices:

Breed Price
Tabby 1000 gold
Ragdoll 2000 gold
Persian 3500 gold
Golden Retriever 2000 gold
Beagle 1100 gold
Poodle 2500 gold

It is recommended that you look at your household’s gold and income before purchasing a pet. This is because you may not be able to afford an expensive pet, but you might be able to purchase a cheaper animal.

What pets should you purchase?

Please note that the pet you want to purchase is entirely your decision. This means that no one can tell you or force you to buy a specific pet if you do not want to. That being said, there are some players who believe that certain pets are better, or easier to handle than others.

Many players have made their own ranking list of the best pets to have in Virtual Families 3. However, it does not matter if you agree or disagree with their ranking list. Your ranking list can be similar or completely  different from other players’ lists.

The following table indicates rank list of the best animals to have in the game:

Rank Pet Description


A beautiful Persian kitten. Many players believe that this cat has more personality than the other cats featured in the game.


A baby mouse for you to take care of. Make sure your cats do not get any ideas. This pet does not get into a lot of mischief as others.


It is alleged that the turtle is the pet that lives the longest. Moreover, they are very well behaved.

Are pets necessary?

Since it is a real-life simulation game, you are able to make all the choices and decide how you want to live your life. This means that it is entirely your decision if you want to purchase a pet or not. Purchasing a pet will not have a great effect on your gameplay.

Virtual Families 3- store
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Final thoughts

Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home is a fun mobile game, in which you can experience real-life and role-playing elements. It one allows you to move into a run-down, but cosy home in the middle of a forest. You can participate in various different activities just as you will in real life.

A recent update introduced a pet system. This means you can purchase a dog, cat, rodent or reptile of your choice. Please note that pets can be expensive as you should buy furniture and food as well.

7 thoughts on “Virtual Families 3: Pets”

  1. How do I purchase food for my turtle on virtual families? It says he’s starving but I don’t know how to feed him.

    • I’m having the same issue I have food down for mine I even brought an extra bowl so now I have 3 food bowls and ebeytime I drag him to the bowl he won’t eat I have brought more food and still nothing and it says he is starving I don’t know what to do

      • You kind of have to keep dragging the turtle into the food bowl multiple times until their mood thingy says “feeling hungry”. It can take a long time so that’s the downside. My turtle is 26 years old and the highest her fed bar ever gone was 60% so don’t worry too much.

    • I buy my turtle organic pet food, but normal pet food works just as good. Try dragging your turtle into the food until his action says “feeling hungry”, this will take a while.


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