Virtual Families 3: Finding the doll

In Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home, you can only find the doll when the doll event is taking place, which can happen at any time.

Players can manage their own little household in this exciting role-playing mobile game, Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home. It was developed by Last Day of Work and is part of the well-renowned Virtual Families video game series.

As such, you will experience similar mechanics and gameplay. Unlike in the previous games, you will move into a broken-down country home, and it is your responsibility to fix and renovate it.

The game features several activities for you to participate in. As it is seen as a virtual life, you have to perform actions and tasks just as you would in real, everyday life.

These tasks include, but are not limited to raising children, preparing meals, cleaning, going to the doctor, decorating the house, and sleeping.

What is the objective of having numerous activities?

According to research, having various activities available to take part in keeps players interested and engaged in the game. Moreover, it ensures that the game does not become boring and monotonous, as it would not focus on only one task.

Players have the opportunity to choose which activities they want to participate in, depending on their preferences. However, you should complete all your daily tasks, such as taking a shower, brushing their teeth, eating, and exercising.

Performing all these daily tasks will keep your characters happy and healthy. Players should note that some activities may be locked when you first start playing the game, but you can unlock them once you have met the specific requirements.

Virtual Families 3: How to fix lights
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Virtual Families 3: How to find the doll

As you progress in the game, you may see a ghost girl floating throughout the house. It is alleged that she is searching for her doll toy, which you have to find around your house. Finding the doll is a random event, or discovery in the game.

This means that you cannot discover the doll by yourself at any time, you would be wasting your time and efforts if you attempted to search for it. Players should, instead, wait for the doll event to occur before they can find it.

A pop-up message will appear on your screen once the event is taking place. The message will indicate that one of your household members has been thinking about the footprints that have been appearing in the yard.

He or she will then decide that the footprints must lead somewhere important. After searching for about an hour, he or she will catch a glimpse of an opening, where they will find the doll.

What should you do with the doll?

After finding the doll, your household member will run back to the house. It is recommended that you place the doll on the shelf, as the ghost girl will find it there. The ghost girl will not return to your house after you have found and returned her doll to her.

When does the doll event occur?

As mentioned above, there is no specific date allocated for the doll event in the game. This means that it can occur when you first start playing the game, but it can also only happen when you are playing with your tenth-generation family.

It is thus advisable that you be patient and wait for the doll event to begin, and for those who are wondering, unfortunately, you cannot do anything in the game to trigger the doll event.

Virtual Families 3: How to fix lights
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Can you miss the doll event?

Many players have claimed that their household members have missed the doll event due to circumstances. They may have been focused on a leaking water pipe, or an oven fire, or sleeping instead. It is alleged, luckily, that if you miss a doll event, it will reoccur.

Final thoughts

Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home is an adventurous role-playing mobile game that invites players to manage their own tiny households. Since it is seen as a virtual life, you have to perform all the regular tasks that you would in real, everyday life.

As you advance in the game, you will notice a girl ghost looking for her doll around the house. You can find this doll during the doll event, which will begin randomly during your gameplay. Once you have found the doll, you can place it on the toy shelf for the girl to find.

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