Virtual Families 3: Family Trip

In Virtual Families 3, you can take your family on a trip to celebrate a specific event, which is a limited-time activity.

Virtual Families 3 invites gamers to adopt a little person from the thousands living in their mobile device.

Since this is a life simulation game, you have to help them complete daily chores, select a spouse, grow a family and climb the corporate ladder.

Family Trip

To progress in the game, you have to renovate an old, broken down house into the perfect family home for your little friends.

In addition to renovating the house, you may encounter ghosts, broken cables, an ant problem and work-related stress.

As time progresses in real life, you will be able to experience certain events in Virtual Families.

For instance, when it is Halloween in real life, your little friends will be able to participate in a Halloween-themed event in which they can dress up and earn candies as well as other rewards.

Some of these in-game events allow your family to go on a Family Trip. This means that you cannot simply go on a Family Trip whenever you feel like exploring with your little friends.

Players have to wait for an event to activate which allows them to take their household on a trip.

Virtual Families 3: Family Trip
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When an event is active that enables you to take a Family Trip, the Family Trip option will only be available for a few days.

We therefore recommend that you log into Virtual Families 3 regularly to see if an event that allows you to take a family trip is active.

Family Trip Goals

Each family has certain goals  to complete in order to earn rewards. The following table lists all the Family Goal trips that you can complete:

Goal Description
Vacationer Go on your first family trip
Globe Trotter Go on 5 family trips
Boujie Holiday Spend 5000 coins while on family trips
See the World Go on 5 different family trips
Time Flies Your family has spent an hour going on family trips

Players should note that these goals can be completed over time. For example, you do not have to spend 5000 coins on the first family trip that you go on.

The number of coins that you spend on every family trip will progress this goal, and when you have spent 5000 coins in total during a family trip, you will complete the goal.

Family Trip requirements

Allegedly, your family does not have to be a specific size or have reached a specific point in the game to go on a Family Trip.

When a Family Trip event is active, you will get an in-game notification that allows you to choose whether you want to go on the Family Trip or not.

If you decide to take the Family Trip, your family will be transported to a new location which shares the event’s theme.

For instance, for the 4th of July 2023 event, Virtual Families 3 players were able to enjoy a scenic park with fitting decorations and several limited-time activities. Players also received fireworks that they were able to use to celebrate the event.

Trip Extension

During a Family Trip, your little friends will be able to enjoy various activities to earn unique rewards, however, they only have a few minutes to enjoy the trip.

That being said, players can decide to extend the Family Trip in exchange for coins.

During the 4th of July 2023 Family Trip event, a player known as Gummy Bear was able to extend the Family Trip by 3 minutes for 450 coins.

Keep in mind that the number of coins you need to pay to extend your family trip varies.

Before deciding whether you want to extend your Family Trip or not, we recommend that you look at how many coins you have and if your family has done everything that the trip has to offer.

When is the next Family Trip?

Unfortunately, it is unknown when the next Family Trip event will take place, but several players believe that the next Family Trip event will occur in December 2023 to celebrate the holidays.

We recommend that you keep an eye on the official Virtual Families 3 Facebook page and log into the game on a regular basis to see when the next Family Trip event will be.

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