Virtual Families 3: Broken sink

Virtual Families 3 players will experience various malfunctions, one of which is a broken sink, but luckily, it can be repaired with a household tool kit.

Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home is an adventurous role-playing mobile game that invites gamers to take control of their own little household. The game is part of the classic Virtual Families series, and thus, you will experience similar mechanics and gameplay.

However, unlike its predecessors, you will move into a broken down but cosy country home in this game, which you have to restore and renovate.

Since it is a life simulator, you have to perform similar tasks and activities as you would in everyday life. The tasks include, but are not limited to, raising children, brushing teeth, preparing meals, and working to generate an income.

Bear in mind that your home occasionally may experience malfunctions, such as a broken sink.


Like in real life, there will be occasional problems and malfunctions in your tiny family’s house. These issues can range from minor problems that the family members can fix themselves, to major ones that will require them to call a professional.

Minor problems, including small appliance fires, leaks, and clogs can be fixed by the family. However, they will need appropriate tools or equipment to fix the problem.

While major issues, such as the internet being down or broken appliances, will require the help of a professional repairman.

Once the malfunction has been resolved, it can take some time for your family members to realise that the problem has been fixed.

Virtual Families 3: Broken sink

House malfunctions are quite common in Virtual Families, but luckily, some problems can be fixed by your household members. If there is a malfunction in your house, such as a broken sink, your characters will immediately stop working and pay attention to the problem.

Since a broken sink is a minor problem, it can be fixed by any family member above the age of 14 years, however, you first have to purchase the household tool set to fix it. To do so, you have to open the in-game store, which is situated at the bottom of the screen.

In the new menu, you will find different categories, and you have to select the furniture option. This category contains various furniture pieces, which are sub-categorised. If you scroll through the list of sub-categories, you will see an Accessories tab.

Virtual Families 3: Broken sink
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After clicking on the Accessories tab, you will be able to purchase a fire extinguisher, a household tool set, and cleaning supplies.

It is advisable that you purchase the household tool set to repair the broken sink. Once you have purchased the tool set, you can command any character older than 14 years to repair the sink.

You can drag the character and drop them near the household tool set, and they will automatically repair the broken sink. Alternatively, you can drop the character in a workshop, and they will repair the issue.

Virtual Families 3: Broken sink
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The workshop is one of the rooms that players can purchase in Virtual Families 3. This means that you will not have access to it when you first start playing the game. After saving money, you can click on the in-game store, and then select home improvements.

After this, you can click on the tool icon to select which workroom you want to purchase. The basic workroom costs approximately 3850 coins, and the deluxe room is 12 000 coins.

Where should the household tool kit be placed?

Since household malfunctions can occur anywhere in the house, it is advisable that you place the household tool kit in a general room, or in a place where you will not forget about it.

Alternatively, you can purchase multiple tool kits and place them in several rooms. This will make it easier for you to drag your characters to the tool kit to repair the problem.

How to fix major malfunctions

As previously mentioned, your household members are unable to repair major issues. If you discover a major malfunction in your home, you can drag and drop any adult character by the phone. Once a pop-up menu appears, you can select which handyman you want to hire to fix the issue.

It is recommended that you call the handyman that can fix the problem you are experiencing. For example, if you are experiencing a broken toilet, it is recommended that you hire the plumber. Keep in mind that these services come at a cost.

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