Virtual Families 3: Best careers

There are various careers in Virtual Families 3, however, the best careers allegedly offer the highest paying salaries.

Gamers can manage their own tiny households in this thrilling mobile game, Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home. As the game’s name suggests, it is part of the classic Virtual Families video game series.

Thus, you are likely to enjoy similar gameplay and mechanics. Unlike its predecessors, this game invites you to move into a neglected country home which you can renovate according to your liking.

The game has an array of activities you can enjoy, but since it is a real-life simulator, you have to perform actions and tasks that you would in everyday life.

This means that your characters have to work hard in their career, maintain personal health, clean the house, and look after their mental wellbeing.


Careers in Virtual Families allow players to earn money, which they can use to restore and renovate the house. It can also be used to take care of your household’s needs and desires. Bear in mind that only adult characters can pursue a career.

They can work in the kitchen, in an office, or in a workshop. All adult characters begin their career at level 1, but as they reach higher levels, their salaries will increase. This progress can be accelerated with workplace-specific upgrades, including career magazines and room upgrades.

Bear in mind that the room upgrades should correspond with your character’s career. If they work in the kitchen, it is advisable to upgrade the kitchen as it can benefit their career.

Virtual Families 3: Best careers
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Virtual Families 3: Best careers

Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home currently features more than 35 careers that your little people can pursue. You can view your adult character’s career by selecting their character profile.

This can be accessed by clicking on their character icon, which should appear after clicking on them as they move around the house.

It is possible to change career paths if you are not happy with your character’s careers, but you should keep in mind that it costs money to take another path.

The best careers in Virtual Families 3 are allegedly defined by a good salary, the careers that offer the highest salaries are the best careers in the game.

The following table lists some of the highest paying careers in Virtual Families 3:

Career Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8
·   BBQ Sauce Creator

·   Jewelry Maker

·   Online Store Operator

·   Pesto Sauce Creator

·   Recipe Inventor

·   Shoe Maker

·   Soap Inventor

·   Video Game designer

15 30 54 108 174 270 450 690
·   Dental Tool Maker

·   Dress Designer

·   Personal Cook

105 135 174 204 240 282 345 420
·   Architect

·   Cake Designer

·   Camera Repairs

·   Engineer

·   Eyeglass repairs

·   Graphic Designer

·   Lenscrafters

90 105 129 144 168 195 234 300

The highest-paying careers in the game have the lowest salaries at the beginner level. As your character progresses in their career, they will earn salary increases, which results in the highest-paying career in the game.

How to check your character’s career progress

There are 8 levels your character can progress through in their career, however, all characters will start at level 1, which is the Beginner phase. To check your character’s career progress, you can click on their icon, which only appears after selecting a character.

On their profile, you will see which phase they are in. The levels and phases are as follows:

Level Phase
1 Beginner
2 Novice
3 Apprentice
4 Licensed
5 Practiced
6 Accomplished
7 Exceptional
8 Master

The higher level your character is, the higher their salary will be.

Virtual Families 3: Best careers
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How to increase your character’s income

The characters in the game will receive their salaries even if they do not work. However, you should encourage them to do their job. If you want to generate more income, you should praise them while they are working, offer them fruits and candies to work towards a promotion.

Your characters will not work if they are sick, hungry, or suffering from any sort of mental illness. Moreover, if there is a distraction at home, such as a leaking pipe, they will be more focused on fixing the pipe than doing their work.

It is thus recommended that you ensure there are no distractions and that your character is in good health before getting them to work.

When does your character earn their salary?

Your character will receive their salary every 24 hours, but keep in mind that the game is based on real-time. In other words, 24 hours will pass in real life before your character receives their salary. You can reward your characters for working to earn more money than usual.

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  1. I came here hoping to find out what the max career level is.

    I have a couple, one of them is a Silverware Polisher at lvl Practiced (13) earning a salary of 2490, the other one is a Rocket Scientist lvl Licensed (9) with a salary of 990. So I’m pretty sure your info about career levels and salaries is very off.

    • Yes! Workshop cos the waiting time for them to complete one cycle is shorter so I’ll make sure they get promoted before i exit the game. For office the highest is 15 and kitchen 17. Need to always praise them and give candies every time you log in

      from a Reddit user I hope this helps…


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