Virtual Families 3: Babies

Virtual Families 3 is a life simulation game in which players experience real-life events, such as having babies.

Virtual Families: Our Country Home is a well renowned mobile game that invites gamers to experience real-life and role-playing elements.

The game is part of the classic Virtual Villagers series, which means you are likely to experience similar gameplay and mechanics. Unlike its predecessors, this game allows you to move into a run-down but comfortable home in the middle of a forest.

The objective of the game is to restore and decorate the house according to your liking. However, you first have to adopt a character.

Players can earn money by letting their character complete their job and the money can be used to rebuild rooms in the house. As you advance in the game, you can adopt another character and potentially have babies.

How to play Virtual Families 3

After adopting a character, you move into the home, which is in a really bad condition. It is your responsibility to restore the house while taking care of your character. You can control your character by clicking on them, and dragging and dropping them near certain objectives or areas.

For instance, if your character is tired, you can drag and drop them near the couch or bed, if you have one. You have to provide your character with food, command them to work, and take care of their personal hygiene.

Once you have enough money, you can begin with the restoration of the house. Bear in mind that restoring the house to its former glory may take some time.

Virtual Families 3: Babies

Since the game is a real-life simulator, you can enjoy and experience real-life activities and challenges. In other words, your characters can adopt pets, experience death, get sick, have babies, and go on vacation, among other things.

Virtual Families 3: Babies
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Having babies in Virtual Families 3 is a fairly easy task, as you simply have to drag an adult character to the opposite gender.

If both characters are willing to have a baby, they will try for a baby by heading to the bedroom, or a nearby couch. It is recommended that you purchase a comfortable bed or couch before trying for a baby.

The baby stage is the first stage of life in the Virtual Family game. For the first 2 years, which is approximately 4 hours after the baby is born, he or she is held by a parental figure. After that, the baby becomes a child and the mother can return to her career as normal.

Babies are born swaddled in a white blanket, and generally, they have no hair and blue eyes. The only way to find out the gender of the baby and facial features is by looking in the family tree. However, the baby’s appearance is not revealed until they age up and become a child.

There is a possibility that your characters have twins or triplets. In this case, all the babies will look identical and the parental figure will hold them all at once, until they have aged up to a child.


It is important to note that babies cannot walk, and therefore, you cannot access their profile. In other words, you cannot change their name, change their outfit, or assign them to do something for you. You can, however, see their name, likes, and dislikes from the family tree.

Can same-sex couples have babies?

Since the game is a real-life simulator, it features numerous services, including adoption. If your characters are in a same-sex marriage, and would like a baby, you can click on the store icon and select the Upgrades option.

In the new menu, you will find the adoption services, which allows same-sex couples to have a baby or a child.

Bear in mind that there may be a fee attached to the adoption services and it will be deducted from your household’s money account. However, if your adoption application is rejected, the fee will be returned to your bank account.

Virtual Families 3: Babies
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Can a single character have a baby?

As mentioned above, you need 2 characters of opposite genders to try for a baby. However, if you want a baby, and you only have one character, you can use the adoption services to have a child.

To do so, you have to go to the adoption menu, which can be found in the Upgrades category in the store.

Before adopting a baby, you can see their name, age, gender, likes, and dislikes. You can choose whether or not you want to adopt a certain baby or child, or if you want to view another child.

Bear in mind that raising a child as a single parent comes with various potential hurdles and problems. Players should thus carefully consider if they are up for this challenge.

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