Virtual Families 3: Artist work area

The artist work area where your character can work to progress in their career in Virtual Families 3 is located in the office in the game.

The fact that characters need money to upgrade their homes and more in the Virtual families 3 games is just another one of the game’s aspects that mimic real life.

The best way for your character to earn money if they are an artist is to progress in their career by working in an artist work area so that they can earn a higher salary.

How does money work within the Virtual Families 3 game?

What makes the Virtual Families 3 game challenging is getting enough coins or “money” in the game, so that you can upgrade your home and characters and so that you can buy new décor items for your home. This is just one of the aspects of the game that mimics the way that the real world works.

You can get money by completing an array of activities in the game like earning a salary, watching advertisements, picking up and selling duplicates, participating in events in the game, and several more. The more coins you have, the more freedom you have to customise your game to your liking.

Virtual Families 3: Artist work area

Although there are many different ways to earn money in the Virtual Families 3 game, the main way that you can earn coins or money in the game is through the salary that your adult characters earn by doing their jobs.

Artist is just one of the many careers that your character can have when you adopt them at the beginning of your game. Some of the other careers include occupations such as architect, candy designer, engineer, film critic, and more.

When you first start practicing in your career in the game, you will be at a beginner level. As you increase your skill and expertise through working at a work area, your salary will increase and you will be able to earn more money as time progresses.

For artists, this work area is in the office and not the workshop or kitchen. This is doubly-beneficial as more money will give you more freedom in many aspects of the game and it will also allow you to upgrade your workshop so that you can progress even faster and further in your career.

Each career has its own “area” where your character has to work in order to progress with their careers.

You will eventually be able to upgrade these work areas, which will make it much easier for your character to be motivated for work and to progress even more quickly through the ranks in their chosen career paths.

Virtual Families 3: Artist work area
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How can artist characters progress in their careers in Virtual Families 3?

The only way to increase your salary in Virtual Families 3 is to encourage your character to progress through the ranks in their careers by working in their work area.

All of the characters start off as beginner artists, but the more your characters work, the quicker they will progress in their career and the higher their salary will become, as is explained in the table below:

Rank Salary amount
Beginner 60
Novice 75
Apprentice 90
Licenced 114
Practiced 144
Accomplished 180
Exceptional 225
Master 285

This means that master is the top-most rank that your character can reach in their artist career and your character will be earning 285 coins as a salary, compared to the 60 that they earned as a beginner.

This is why it is worthwhile to focus on progressing your character’s career as one of your main goals in the game.

Where can an artist character work to improve their career in Virtual Families 3?

The only way for your character to progress in their career is to work and the only way for your characters to work, is if they work in the work area that is dedicated to building their career. For the artists, this work area is in the office, at the computer.

Many new players assume that the artist work area will be in a workshop, but this is not true. It is actually beneficial that your character can work from the computer, because you will have access to the computer earlier in the game than to the workshop.

How can you upgrade the artist work area in Virtual Families 3?

If you really want to prioritise helping your character progress through the ranks of their artist career, you need to visit the “Career” section of the store. Here you can upgrade your artist work area, and this will speed up your progress even more.

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