Virtual Families 3: Aging

The aging of characters in Virtual Families 3 takes place faster than ageing does in real life, even though the timeline for days is similar to real life.

There are many elements of the Virtual Families 3 game that were specifically designed to mimic the way that the real world, life, and people function and react.

Part of this is the ageing of characters in the game. Characters age quicker in Virtual Families than in real life, but the family can be continued for multiple generations.

How does Virtual Families 3 mimic real life?

The Virtual Families 3 game works in much the same way that the previous versions of the game did.

This means that Virtual Families 3 is also a real-life simulation game, where many of the aspects about the characters and the world are created to mimic the way that real life works and the way that real-life people behave.

The fact that your characters continue playing, even when you do not have the game open on your device, is one of the things that makes this game enticing to loyal players.

There are also other elements of the game that mimic real life, like your characters’ energy levels, emotional statuses, career, family structures, and ageing.

Virtual Families 3: Aging

Although the timing within the Virtual Families game tends to mimic time in real life, the same cannot be said for the time that it takes your characters to age.

Virtual Families 3: Aging
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This means that even with the sun setting about six o’clock, energy levels dwindle as it gets later in the evening, and your characters require about six to eight hours of sleep during the evening to be properly rested.

This will coincide with the evenings in real life if you have not swapped around the day and night times in your game, and your characters will not age at the same rate that humans do in real life.

This can sometimes be confusing, because even with everything else in the Virtual Families 3 world coinciding with real life, your characters will age one year every few hours, which, needless to say, does not coincide with real life.

However, once you get used to your characters ageing faster in Virtual Families 3, at one year for every two to four hours in real life, you will realise that this actually adds a whole new aspect to your gameplay.

For instance, in most cases, each of your characters only live until they become elders and eventually die.

If you do not want your game to end here, it is best to have babies when your characters are adults, so that you can continue playing with the same family for generations to come.

Virtual Families 3: Aging
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Can characters in Virtual Families 3 die from old age?

To keep the game fun and signify that there has been a passage in time, all of your characters in Virtual Families age up every few hours and eventually start showing signs that they are becoming elderly.

Once your Virtual Families 3 characters’ hair starts turning grey, you will know that they are becoming elderly and that they will soon pass away.

Characters usually pass away between the ages of 50 and 60 within the game if they die of natural causes at an elderly age.

Sometimes characters can also have unnatural causes of death and die much quicker, but it is rare for this to happen. This means that most of your characters in Virtual Families can and will die by ageing eventually.

Why would you want to play with multiple generations of the same family in Virtual Families 3?

Since your characters in Virtual Families 3 will be ageing so quickly, most players choose to have their adult characters have babies, so that they can continue playing in the same house that they have decorated with a new generation of that family when the adults eventually become elders and pass away from old age.

It can also be beneficial to have babies, children, and teenagers in your home before your adults start ageing and die, because the older children can help with tasks around the house, like cleaning, which gives your adults more time to focus on their work.

How many generations can you have in Virtual Families 3?

When you take into account that your characters age one year every few hours, this means that you can be playing with a new generation every week, because the adults have aged and passed away.

This can really start adding up if you are a long-term player and if you have created a bond with your characters. Fortunately, the Virtual Families 3 game can accommodate up to 30 generations of the same family.

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