Vikingard: Romance

In Vikingard, gamers can establish romance, romantic relationships with an array of beautiful women, who can influence your heroes’ skills.

Vikingard is a thrilling mobile game that enables players to enjoy base-building and kingdom-management elements.

The game takes place in the Viking Age, where raiding, conquest, and colonising were common undertakings across the land, however, you can enjoy an array of activities beyond battles to expand your kingdom.

You can assume the role of the heir to the Fharun Tribe in ancient Scandinavia. It is your responsibility to manage the daily life and tasks of your village.

You are also responsible for the village’s growth and development, as you can grow livestock, mine ores, and go on expeditions. As you progress in the game, you will meet various Companions, with whom you can form romantic relationships.


There are currently 27 Companions that you can collect in the game. Companions are extremely beautiful women who have the ability to influence your gameplay remarkably.

Vikingard: Romance
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You have the opportunity to form romantic relationships with the Companions you have collected, and once a relationship is well established, you can produce heirs with the Companion.

Players can increase a Companion’s Affinity by offering her gifts, visiting her, and by upgrading her skills. Although Affinity may seem like a simple feature, it can influence your Hersirs’ skills and abilities.

Vikingard: Romance

Although the game claims to be a role-playing title, it is more of a simulation and strategy game in which players can create and build their own Viking village. But, what stands out the most in the game is the dating simulator.

As previously mentioned, the game has an array of women, and the primary objective seems to be to have love encounters with some, if not all of them.

It is vital to remember that the game has the same encounters with all Companions, which means that it does not matter if you make your character female or male.

You will thus be able to produce heirs and build romantic relationships with the Companions even if your character is female. However, it is alleged that new heroes and romantic encounters with male characters may be unlocked in the future.

Once you have a Companion, you will be able to perform romantic gestures, such as gift offering and visiting her. If you decide to do a Preferred Visit, you will see the Companion in a different light, as she will be wearing less clothing.

Vikingard: Romance
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The romantic gestures will increase her Affinity, and you will be able to unlock the Companion skill once her Affinity meets the requirement. Players can upgrade a Companion’s skill, which will affect some of your heroes.

Since every Companion is bound to specific Hersirs, the heroes will get stronger when the Companion skill is upgraded.

What is a Companion’s biography and story?

Players should take into account that every Companion in the game has a biography and story, which can be unlocked when their Affinity has reached a specific quantity.

With these stories, you will be able to spend time alone with the Companion while discovering her hidden past. A Companion’s biography and story can be discovered by clicking on her profile and selecting the book icon.

It is situated in the upper right corner of the screen, and it is recommended that you regularly check the stories, as each Companion’s story unlocks with varying quantities of Affinity.

Which Companions can you acquire?

It is worth noting that you only unlock a few Companions at the beginning of the game, however, you can collect more as you progress in the main campaign. Some of the Companions you can acquire in the game are:

Companion How to collect
Vara Clear stage 7, episode 17, and unlock her in the Norway Expedition
Eadgils Complete stage 3, episode 6, and unlock her in the Sweden Expedition
Runhild Players can collect her by completing the quests in father’s legacy
Idunn Players can purchase the Idunn Pack to get her

Which gifts can you offer a Companion?

in Vikingard, Players can increase their intimacy and romance level with their Companions by offering them gifts. It is crucial to remember that most gifts in the game can be acquired by participating in the Expedition, which allows you to travel to other places on the map.

The table below outlines some of the gifts you can offer your Companions:

Gift name Description
Gold Rune Belly Chain It is used to increase a Companion’s Affinity by 200
Gemstone Rune Belly Chain It is used to increase a Companion’s Affinity by 50
Gemstone Belly Chain It is used to increase a Companion’s Affinity by 5
Coloured Stone Belly Chain It is used to increase a Companion’s Affinity by 2

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