Vikingard: Companions

In Vikingard, Companions can produce heirs and increase their Hersirs’ skills, however, you first have to increase their Affinity.

Players are invited to enjoy base-building and kingdom-management elements in this thrilling mobile game, Vikingard.

It takes place in the Viking Age where reading, conquest, and colonisation were the ultimate goals, but the game offers an array of activities for you to enjoy in addition to battles and expanding your kingdom.

You can assume the role of a Norseman Chieftain, who is responsible for the village’s management and its continuous growth and development. Although there are various features you can enjoy, you should bear in mind that some may initially be locked.

Fortunately, you can gain access to them once you have met the requirements to do so. While progressing in the game, you may meet and interact with different Companions.

What activities can you enjoy?

It is alleged that the game’s activities and occasional events keep players engaged. The following table lists some of the features you can participate in:

Activity Description
Alliance Players can join an Alliance and meet like-minded people to conquer the world together
Mine You can find ores in the mine to upgrade your Hersirs’ weapons
Expedition Players can travel the world to find additional Companions
Training Camp You can train your Hersirs to increase their Aptitude experience points
Mead Hall It allows players to meet friends and have a great time together

Vikingard: Companions

In the main menu of the game, you will find the Longhouse, which is a boarding house for your Companions. Players get the opportunity to meet and interact with Companions as they advance in the main storyline of the game.

Companions are beautiful women who can influence your gameplay significantly. You can form romantic relationships with Companions and eventually produce heirs that can be trained, get married, and be sent off.

The first Companion most players will unlock is Hildr, who is the only daughter of a jarl in the Fharun clan. The narrative reveals that she grew up with you in the clan, and your fathers jokingly made a verbal marriage agreement for the two of you.

Vikingard: Companions
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You can visit Hildr, offer her a gift, and upgrade her skills. These kind gestures influence a Companion’s Affinity, which corresponds to the Hersir’s Growth Attributes. Players can unlock the Companion skill once Affinity meets the requirement.

You can offer a Companion a gift to increase their Affinity, and you can gain Affinity experience by paying random visits and preferred visits. Affinity experience points are used to upgrade skills and enhance effects, which increases the Bond Hersir’s Might.

Players should note that if they perform a preferred visit to a specific Companion, they get a chance to produce an heir. Even though random visits increase a Companion’s Affinity, the chance to produce an heir is lower.


Players will have a chance to produce an Heir when visiting any Companion. It is worth noting that heirs go through 3 phases, namely infant, child, and adult. You can train your heirs using stamina, which replenishes over time.

You can choose your Heir’s class once he or she reaches the child phase. The heir will then complete the Armlet Ceremony after they have been fully trained. When an Heir reaches the age of majority, they can become a Follower of a Hersir of the same class.

Heirs who have been Armlets can marry in the Marriage Hall, but they can get married through Random Marriage, Matchmaking, and Marriage Proposals.

Vikingard: Companions
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Which gifts can you offer a Companion?

As previously mentioned, you can gain Affinity experience by offering your Companions gifts. The table below lists some of the gifts you can offer them:

Gift name Description How to obtain
Coloured Stone Belly Chain It is used to increase a Companion’s Affinity by 2 Expedition
Gemstone Belly Chain It is used to increase a Companion’s Affinity by 5 Expedition
Gold Rune Belly Chain It is used to increase a Companion’s Affinity by 200 Expedition
Gemstone Rune Belly Chain It is used to increase a Companion’s Affinity by 50 Expedition

 Companion skills

Since every Companion is bound to a specific Hersir, you are able to increase the hero’s abilities, strength, and statistics by upgrading the Companion’s skills. Hildr is bound to Hervor and Drott, but you first have to increase Hildr’s Affinity before her skills can influence her heroes.

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