Vikingard: Alliance

Although the Alliance in Vikingard may seem like a simple feature, you can receive various benefits and bonuses by being a member of a guild.

Vikingard is a popular mobile game that combines base-building with kingdom-management elements. The game is set in the Viking Age where colonising, raiding, and conquest were prominent undertakings across land.

The game features various activities for players to enjoy beyond battles to expand their kingdom. Players are invited to assume the role of a Norseman Chieftain, who is responsible for the daily management of his village, but also for its continuous growth and development.

You can grow livestock, mine for resources, join Alliances, defeat bosses, and tend to your companions, among other activities.

Keep in mind that some features may initially be locked, but you will gain access to them once you have met the requirements to do so.

What is the objective of activities and events?

According to research, a game that has an array of activities and events keeps players interested and engaged in the game. The diverse content increases the chance that different types of gamers will find something they enjoy in the game, whether it is player-versus-player or solo play.

In-game events motivate players to actively participate in the limited-time event to earn rare and desirable rewards. Keep in mind that you have to complete specific tasks during an event before you can receive the rewards.

Vikingard: Alliance

Similarly to other role-playing titles, Vikingard features a guild system called Alliance. Although guilds primarily serve as an extension of a virtual world’s social aspects, it has grown to have complex mechanics of its own.

Alliances require players to engage in cooperative and competitive game modes.

Vikingard: Alliance
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Even though the game ensures an abundance of content for you to enjoy as a solo player, it also boasts one of the most engaging guild systems. It is possible to steer clear of guild memberships, but you will certainly be missing many bonuses that would otherwise be free for the taking.

It is important to note that the Alliance system takes a little while to be unlocked, as it only becomes available towards the beginning of stage 7 of the main storyline. Once you have gained access to it, you will have the option to join an existing guild or start your own.

If you have little to no experience managing and leading a guild of your own, it is recommended that you join an existing Alliance. It is usually easier to be instantly accepted into Alliances that have lower levels, or fewer members.

It is alleged that active participation is all that is required to be a member of an Alliance, as donations do not have to cost you resources. There is an array of rewards you can earn, but this depends on your own level of engagement in the Alliance.

Vikingard: Alliance
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Alliance Raid

On the main Alliance page, you will see a lot of activities you can partake in as soon as you are accepted into the guild. One of the most rewarding activities is the Alliance raid, where every hersir of every Alliance has the opportunity to contribute for its accomplishment.

During an Alliance Raid, players can defeat one boss after the other, utilising each of their hersirs twice a day. Even though it is possible for you to defeat one of the earlier bosses on your own, this feature is essentially a team effort.

For every boss you defeat, you will earn a set of rewards for yourself and for another player, which you can give to any Alliance member.

Alliance quests

In addition to the Alliance Raid, players can also complete cooperation quests with their fellow Alliance members. These quests can be viewed at the lower right side of the Alliance menu.

Alliance quests work similarly to daily quests, as every Alliance member’s accomplishments will benefit every member. It is recommended that you view these quests often, as most are quite easy to accomplish.

What to do if an Alliance leader is inactive

Every Alliance in Vikingard has different ranks, including officers, and a leader, among others. There is a possibility that your Alliance leader may become inactive after a few days.

If the leader has been inactive for more than a month, a designated Officer can be voted into this position by fellow Alliance members.

Keep in mind that only officers can commence the voting process by selecting the “Replace” option next to the Alliance’s inactive leader. If an officer gets more than 50 percent of the approving votes from the Alliance, then that officer will become the new Alliance Leader.

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