Vikingard: Alliance Clash

In Vikingard, Alliances invite players to participate in exclusive activities, including the Alliance Clash, which enables members of an Alliance to fight other Alliances.

You are invited to enjoy kingdom-management and base-building features in this exciting mobile game, Vikingard.

It is set in the Viking Age, where raiding, colonisation, and conquest were the ultimate objectives, however, the game offers gamers numerous activities to enjoy in addition to expanding their kingdoms and battles.

There are various tasks and in-game events you can participate in, but you should bear in mind that some features may initially be locked. Fortunately, you access them once you have met the necessary requirements.

Players can grow livestock, meet Companions, battle enemies, and join Alliances. It is worth noting that Alliances allow you to enjoy exclusive activities, such as an Alliance Clash.


Like other role-playing titles, Vikingard has a guild system called Alliance. Even though Alliances serve as an extension of the fantasy world’s social aspects, it has advanced to have difficult mechanics of its own.

This is because guilds require players to actively engage in gaming modes and cooperative events.

Players should remember that the Alliance system takes some time to unlock, as it only becomes available towards the beginning of chapter 7 of the main storyline.

Once you have access to it, you can either start your own Alliance or apply to become a member of an existing guild.

Vikingard: Alliance Clash
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Vikingard: Alliance Clash

Once you have joined an Alliance, you will be able to access guild-exclusive activities, namely, the Alliance Raid, Alliance Quests, and Alliance Clash. Moreover, you will get access to a unique Alliance event and you can discover the Treasure Map Room.

It is alleged that active participation in these features is all that is required to be a member of an Alliance, as donations do not have to cost you resources. You can earn rewards for partaking in guild-exclusive activities, but this depends on your own level of engagement.

It is thus recommended that you participate and engage as much as possible once you are a member of a guild. The Alliance Clash activity puts players from different Alliances against each other to earn well deserved prizes.

Players should keep in mind that the Alliance Clash has different stages. During the Registration Stage, Alliances will get the opportunity to sign up for the Alliance Clash activity. Registration will be successful only if the Alliance meets all the necessary requirements.

Once an Alliance has successfully registered for the Alliance Clash, all guild members are allowed to participate. Alliances will match with each other after a successful registration. The match result can be viewed in the Group Result tab.

Following the registration, Alliances will get the chance to prepare for the battle during the preparation period.

The Alliance Leader will then be able to assign positions to Warriors, who can complete quests to receive Luen’s Flame Token. After the preparation stage, Alliances can fight one another to earn desirable rewards.

Vikingard: Alliance Clash
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What is the Alliance Raid?

One of the most rewarding Alliance activities is the raid, where every Alliance’s Hersir can contribute to its accomplishment. During a raid, players can defeat one boss after the other, while using their Hersirs twice a day.

Even if it is possible to defeat one of the earlier bosses as a solo player, it is a team effort and should be completed with Alliance members.

How to join an Alliance

As previously mentioned, players can apply to become a member of an Alliance once they have gained access to the feature. Bear in mind that you will also be able to create your own Alliance, but it will cost you some of the in-game currencies.

If you are a beginner, or if you have little to no experience managing and leading a guild, it is advisable that you join a guild instead of creating one.

If you decide to create an Alliance, it is recommended that you make sure you have some knowledge and background about the game and its activities, so that you can help other players.

Is it mandatory to join an Alliance?

It is important to note that in Vikingard, players can freely choose whether they want to be a member of an Alliance or not. Your gameplay and the storyline will not be affected if you decide not to join an Alliance, however, you might miss out on Alliance-exclusive activities.

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