Vampire Survivors: How to get Phieraggi

You can acquire the Phieraggi in Vampire Survivors if you are level 8, and if you have the Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight the Sparrow weapons.

The goal of this rogue-like video game, Vampire Survivors, is to survive as long as possible against constant waves of enemies. You control an automatically attacking character while fighting horrific enemies.

Although your character attacks automatically, you can acquire different weapons in the game.

One of the weapons you can acquire in Vampire Survivors is the Phieraggi, but you need to know how to obtain it.

Weapons in Vampire Survivors

Weapons are used by your character to defeat enemies. Each weapon has its own unique way of killing monsters. Most weapons in Vampire Survivors deal damage to enemies, however some weapons can apply debuffs to enemies and buffs to your character.

Each character in the game has access to one of the base weapons as their starting weapon. However, as your character levels up, you will gain more powerful weapons. That being said, your character can have up to six different weapons at a time.

It is important to note that there are different rarities of weapons. Rarity determines the weight of how often that weapon shows up in the pool of possible weapons and passive items.

Vampire Survivors: How to get Phieraggi

The Phieraggi weapon is the evolution and union of Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight the Sparrow. This essentially means that the Phieraggi is more powerful than both the Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight the Sparrow.

To unlock the Phieraggi, you need to have the Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight the Sparrow equipped, and your character has to be level 8.

Vampire Survivors: How to get Phieraggi
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You also need to have the Tiragisú passive item equipped. This item can be unlocked by surviving for 20 minutes as Krochi Freetto.

Once you have met these requirements, you can find a treasure chest and open it to evolve the weapons into the Phieraggi.

Some say the easiest way to acquire the Phieraggi is to use the character, Pugnala Provola. This character is unlocked by opening the coffin in the Mad Woods. It is easier to acquire the Phieraggi with this character as he starts with the two required weapons.

Once you have acquired the Phieraggi, you will be able to enjoy its features. It shoots four lasers that rotate clockwise around the character. Bear in mind, however, that its projectile speed is lowered and there is a slight decrease in Interval and Knockback.

Although its stats are decreased, the Phieraggi’s lasers can pass through walls, which gives you a slight advantage on the battlefield.

With enough Cooldown, the lasers will be permanently activated. Additionally, more than one can be stacked on each laser if Cooldown is low enough, even if it cannot be seen clearly.

Which Arcana should you use for the Phieraggi?

Arcana is a card-based modifier system where each card can change your gameplay in dramatically different ways. By selecting the correct Arcana, your Phieraggi’s performance will increase significantly on the battlefield.

If you use the Gemini (I) Arcana, it will create two counterparts of its constituents: Red Muscle and Twice Upon a Time. These features function the same as Eight The Sparrow and Phiera Der Tuphello at maximum level.

It is crucial to remember that they can benefit from limit breaking, which means that they will become more powerful.

Limit Breaking the Phieraggi

Players can go through the Limit Break process to increase their Phieraggi’s level, which influences its statistics. You can unlock Limit Breaking by obtaining the Great Gospel. The following table lists the Phieraggi’s Level Breaking in Vampire Survivors:

Description Rarity Max Total
Might is increased by 1 percent 10 Not applicable
Area is increased by 2.5 percent 10 1000 percent
Speed is increased by 5 percent 10 300 percent
Amount is increased by 1 1 20
Pierce is increased by 1 5 10

You may need to use some of your resources or currencies to complete the Limit Breaking process, so you have to ensure you have enough items before commencing the process.

Eight The Sparrow and Phiera Der Tuphello

These weapons are both starting weapons of the character, Pugnala Provola. However, they have different requirements to be unlocked.

In order to acquire Eight the Sparrow, you have to survive 15 minutes with Pugnala, while you can obtain Phiera Der Tuphello by surviving 10 minutes on the battlefield.

Although these weapons are quite powerful, they are only effective in early game. Therefore, it is recommended that you attempt to acquire the Phierraggi as soon as possible.

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