Trading Legend: Retainers

Each Retainer in Trading Legend has unique skills and abilities, which can have a direct influence on your gameplay.


Trading Legend is a popular mobile game that features adventure and role-playing elements. You will start the game as a common citizen in Bianliang, which is described as a huge city that focuses on business.

As you explore your new neighbourhood and progress in the game, you will be able to start numerous businesses to build your empire.

You will meet and interact with various non-player characters (NPCs) as you advance in the story. That being said, each character has a specific objective in the game.

Beauties are there to have romantic relationships with and to produce heirs in order to generate an income. While Retainers can make the gameplay easier.

Trading Legend fruiter zheng

What is the objective of a Retainer?

Trading Legend currently features more than 20 different Retainers for you to collect and play with. You should remember that each Retainer has specific objectives, skills and talents which can influence your gameplay.

Moreover, each Retainer has a corresponding Beauty, which if used correctly, can generate an additional income for your businesses.

In the game, you will be able to participate in trading by selecting the “Stage” option in the main menu. While you are trading, you may receive small tasks to complete or decisions to make.

Some of these tasks may require that you deploy a Retainer to finish it. You will not be able to finish the task and receive the rewards if you do not have a Retainer to deploy.

Trading Legend: Retainers

You should remember that all the Retainers are divided into different categories, depending on their rarity and strength.

This means that it will be extremely difficult to obtain super supreme rare (SSR) Retainers, while obtaining common (A) Retainers is very easy. You can also find supreme rare (SR) and supreme (S) Retainers in the game.

The following table indicates the Retainers in the game, as well as their rarity:

Ultra-Rare (UR)

Super supreme rare (SSR)

Supreme rare (SR)

Supreme (S)

Common (A)

– Yu The Great


































– Priest Fuhao

– Eminent Monk

– Ya Jiu

– Leng Erpi

– Fang Huotou

– Puppeteer Ding

– Tailor Luo

– Kou Baimen

– Bian Yujing

– Dong Xiaowen

– Li Xiangjun

– Ma Xianglan

– Emperor Huizhong

– King Yama

– Song Jiang

– Cai Jing

– Shadow Acrobat

– Shi Gandang

– Gao Jianli

– Su Wu

– Bi Sheng

– Zong Ze

– Zhang Sanfeng

– Du Kang

– Lu Ban

– Sun Bin

– Wu Daozi

– Ou Yezi

– Master Thief

– Tutor Yan

– Feng Mier

– Butcher Zhen

– Li Shenshou

– Shen Wansan

– Geomancer

– Guard

– Ma A’dan

– Machinist Fei

– Poet Tian

– Ascetic Monk

– Coroner Yao

– Assassin Xing

– Watchman

– Swordsman Qin

– Liu Silang

– Attendant Yan

– Blacksmith Cao

– Hunter Zhao

– Rich Qian

– Thai Boxer



















– Daoshi Niu

– Tang Hulu

– Fisherman Cai

– Actor Liu

– Luo Sunshan

– Wan Jinya

– Juggler Jia

– Sorcerer Li

– Old Zhang

– Budiman He

– Cook Zheng

– Zhu Daliang

– Wu Shiren

– Beggar Hu

– Constable Liu




















– Physician Ge

– Liang Waiqi

– Teamaster Kang

– Peddler Zhu

– Fruiter Zheng






























Retainer statistics

You should remember that each of the above-mentioned Retainers consist of different statistics. This means that each Retainer has a level, a class and an aptitude. You are able to increase a Retainers level by consuming experience points. Subsequently, their earnings will become more.

The Retainer can form part of the Peasant, Artisan, Merchant or Rover class. It is alleged that some Retainers can have both earning talents and special talents.

However, this principle does not apply to all Retainers in the game. A Retainer’s Aptitude determines his potential. The rarer the Retainer is, the higher his aptitude will be.

Trading Legend- Retainers trouble

Upgrading a Retainer

There are various methods to upgrade your Retainers. To upgrade their skills, you will have to obtain specific materials.

While you have to improve your relationship with the Retainer’s corresponding Beauty to increase his earnings, you are able to upgrade a Retainer’s natural talent by selecting the “Enhancement” option in the menu.

What are beasts?

While exploring in the game, you may come across a section called Beasts. You should note that this section will initially be locked, but you can unlock it as you advance in the story line. It is believed that beasts are animals that you can allocate to your Retainer to receive additional bonuses.

There are different kinds of beasts which are divided into different categories, depending on their rarities. You are able to upgrade a beast’s skills to receive more buffs and bonuses.

Trading Legend: Retainers

Final thoughts

Trading Legend is a fun mobile game that features adventure and role-playing elements. Even if you are a common citizen in Bianliang at the start of the game, you will be able to start numerous businesses with the objective of building a business empire.

While progressing in the game, you can interact with various characters, such as Beauties and Retainers. You should note that there are different Retainers, and they are divided into different categories depending on their rarities. Even if their rarity differs, all of them will generate an income.

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