Trading Legend: Heirs

Producing heirs in Trading Legend is a great way to generate an income, however, the income depends on your status and the mother’s banner.


Trading Legend is a fun and popular game that features role-playing elements. All players will begin the game as a common citizen in the city of Bianliang, a capital city where business is encouraged.

While you discover your new neighbourhood and advance in the game, you can start various businesses with the goal of building a business empire.

As you progress in the game, you will be able to meet and interact with numerous characters, which includes Beauties and Retainers. You are able to have romantic relationships with the Beauties, while the Retainers are there to aid you in your gameplay.

Trading Legend: Heirs

Why is having a Beauty important?

Even if the Beauty system seems like a simple feature, it is an essential part of the game. This is because it can greatly affect your gameplay, as all the Beauties have corresponding Retainers.

You are able to interact with the Beauties by offering them gifts, taking them on dates or summoning them. All of these interactions will increase their intimacy and charm levels, which will improve their skills.

This has a direct influence on their corresponding Retainers, as it generates additional income. Subsequently, you will have more coins to spend in the game.

Moreover, each Beauty has a banner attached to them. This banner determines the quality of the heir they can produce. That being said, you can upgrade the banner as the Beauty’s intimacy and charm increases. Subsequently, the heir’s quality will improve.

Trading Legend: Heirs

As mentioned above, you can produce heirs in the game. In order to produce an heir, you first have to unlock a Beauty. Once the Beauty’s intimacy and charm levels have increased enough, you will be able to summon them.

This means that you can try to produce an heir with the specific Beauty. You should note that you will not always obtain an heir when you are attempting to summon one, as it is randomly generated.

However, if the summon is successful, you will be able to choose the heir’s name and raise them. If you are not up for the task of raising them, you can select the “Auto Raise” option, which will automatically raise them to adults.

Trading Legend- Heirs diandre

Alternatively, you can play with them using the toys located in the room or click on their profile. Playing with the toys or clicking on them will increase their growth rate, while decreasing the available vitality. That being said, vitality will slowly regenerate.

Heir statistics and details

It is alleged that each heir features 2 different statistics, namely flair and class. Moreover, each heir’s statistics will be different, as it highly depends on the heir’s parents.

Flair is determined by the heir’s mother’s banner and it represents the heir’s potential. This means that if the flair is very high, the heir will have higher earnings.

Unlike flair, an heir’s class is not determined by his or her parents. Instead, it can be seen as their natural class. You are able to find more details regarding the heir by clicking on the small chest icon, which is located above their head.

The following table indicates some examples of heir details:

Heir details Description
Infant name Diandre
Status Ordinary
Education Self-Study
Mother Esquire
Class Artisan

Raising an heir

It is important to note that you can teach your heirs before raising them. However, the higher your status, the better teaching your heirs will receive. This means that they can earn higher earnings, which will aid you in your gameplay.

When it comes to raising your heirs’ cost vitality, you will need to earn experience points. According to the game guidelines, the higher your status is, the more experience the heirs will receive. It is thus recommended that you increase your status before producing heirs, as they will receive higher earnings and more experience points.

Adult heirs

Your heirs will become adults once you have maximised their growth rate. They will receive earnings and items after entering adulthood.

The earnings are determined by the intimacy with the mother, their teaching, their potential and their class. However, Beauty talents and Retainer’s can also influence their earnings.

Once your heir has become an adult, you can arrange a marriage for them. That being said, he or she should be one of the top 10 heirs in the server in order to get married.

If they are not in the top 10, they will end up alone. However, heirs that end up alone tend to have more earnings.

Trading Legend: Heirs

Final thoughts

Trading Legend is a fun and popular game that allows you to enjoy role-playing elements. You will begin the game as a common citizen in the city of Bianliang.

As you advance in the game, you will have the opportunity to begin numerous businesses with the objective of creating a business empire. While playing the game, you will meet various Beauties and Retainers.

You are able to have romantic relationships with the Beauties, while the Retainers help you in the storyline. Once you have increased your relationship with a Beauty, you can summon them to produce an heir, who can generate a huge income.

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