Trading Legend: Drugstore

One of the buildings you can construct in Trading Legend is the Drugstore, which has a significant impact on your total earnings and bonuses.

Trading Legend is an adventurous mobile game that invites gamers to experience role-playing elements. You start the game as a common citizen in Bianliang, which is a large city that revolves around business and trading.

While exploring your new neighbourhood, you will get the opportunity to start an array of businesses to build your own empire.

Players will meet and interact with various non-player characters (NPCs) as they advance in the game. Furthermore, you can construct various types of buildings to generate an income.

Keep in mind that some buildings may initially be locked, but you will be able to construct them once you have met the necessary requirements. One of the buildings you can construct is the Drugstore.

What is the objective of buildings?

As the name of the game suggests, it focuses entirely on trading, earnings, and income. Although buildings and businesses may seem like a somewhat simple feature, they can influence your gameplay notably.

The objective of constructing buildings and businesses is to enable you to progress in the game, as you have to earn money to be able to play the game.

However, to make the game more interesting, its developer incorporated a narrative storyline that players can follow while building their trading empire.

Trading Legend: Drugstore

There are many buildings you can construct in the Market, as mentioned before, one of them is the Drugstore. There is a variety of medicines stored in this building that can be used to treat a wide range of diseases.

Trading Legend: Drugstore

The main objective of this building is to generate an income. It is worth noting that the income it generates depends on a few things, including the building’s level, how many employees it has, and if it has a Retainer bound to it.

To recruit more employees for the Drugstore, you have to click on the building in the Market. In the new menu, you will see a Recruit tab, and you can recruit a new employee every time you click on the tab. Players can recruit up to 2000 employees for the Drugstore.

In order to upgrade the building, you can click on the “Upgrade” option in the same menu. But players should bear in mind that they first have to procure specific materials before they can upgrade the Drugstore.

Players can deploy a Retainer by selecting the plus icon at the bottom of the menu before selecting the Retainer you want to deploy.

All these factors have an influence on your buildings’ earnings, which you can view in the top left corner of the window. To view a more detailed explanation of your earnings, you can click on the Information tab, which is indicated by an “I” symbol.

Trading Legend: Drugstore

How are earnings calculated?

Earnings are calculated using a specific formula, which is as follows:

  • Earnings= (Staff Earnings * Number of Staff + Retainer Bonus) *Other Bonuses

In addition to this, players can benefit from a Retainer Bonus if they have allocated a Retainer to the Drugstore. The Retainer Bonus is made up of the total retained earnings divided by 1000.

What do you need to upgrade the Drugstore?

By now you know that the higher the level your Drugstore is on, the more the income you will earn. In order to upgrade your Drugstore, you have to accumulate Market Designs. Unfortunately, it is not an easy material to come by, thus, this can take some time.

Players can accumulate Market Designs from the Random Reward Lucky Draw or from the Gold Exchange Shop. Alternatively, you can purchase it from the mall. It is worth noting that with each upgrade, the quantity of the Market Designs needed increases.

What is a Retainer?

Trading Legend currently has more than 20 Retainers for gamers to procure and play with. Each Retainer has specific objectives, skills, and talents that can influence your gameplay.

Each Retainer also has a corresponding Beauty, which, if used correctly, can generate an additional income for your businesses.

In addition to being deployed to your businesses, you can also use Retainers while you are on the spice route. This is because you may receive small tasks to complete or decisions to make that require a Retainer.

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