Trading Legend: Attire

In Trading Legend, you can unlock different Attires for your Retainers, which can influence your gameplay significantly.

Players are invited to experience role-playing and trading elements in this thrilling mobile game, Trading Legend. You start the game as a common citizen in the large city of Bianliang, which revolves on trading and businesses.

As you advance in the game, you will have the opportunity to start various businesses in order to become a powerful entrepreneur. The game features different non-player characters (NPCs) you can interact with to influence your gameplay.

Each character type has a specific objective in the game; Retainers have the ability to increase your earnings while providing benefits by wearing attire. Whereas you can have romantic relationships with Beauties to produce heirs.


There are currently more than 20 different Retainers for you to collect and play with in the game. Each Retainer has specific objectives, skills and talents which can influence your gameplay.

Bear in mind that every Retainer has a corresponding Beauty, and if used correctly, can generate an additional income for your empire.

Furthermore, Retainers can be used in the Stife of Spice. While trading, you may receive small tasks to complete, or important decisions to make. Some of these tasks require that you deploy a Retainer to complete it.

Trading Legend: Attire

Trading Legend: Attire

Although there are different Retainers you can procure in the game, all of them have different Attires. That being said, when you obtain a new Retainer, they will only have the original Attire unlocked, which cannot be upgraded.

As you progress in the game, you will receive a variety of materials, items, resources and currencies. One of these items can be used to unlock additional Attire pieces for your Retainer.

It is alleged that Attire pieces can provide your Retainer with additional skills and talents. Bear in mind that not all Retainers have Attire options.

You can access a Retainers Attire menu, if they have one, by clicking on the Retainer tab, situated on the bottom of the screen. Here you will be able to view all the Retainers in the game, including ones you have yet to collect.

Players should select a collected Retainer to find the Attire option, which is located in the left-hand side of the Retainer’s profile. Once you have clicked on the Attire tab, you will see the available Attires and by selecting one, you will see its effects.

The following table highlights some of the Retainers and their Attires:

Retainer name Attire name Activation effect
Fruiter Zheng Abundance It unlocks the Abundance skill and increases his aptitude by 20 points
Teamaster Kang Not applicable Not applicable
Peddler Zhu Feast for Eyes The Feast for Eyes skill will unlock and his Apitude is increased by 20 points
Trading Legend: Attire

What is Apitude?

Each Retainer in the game features different statistics, one of which is Apitude. It determines the Retainer’s potential. The rarer the Retainer is, the higher their Apitude will be. Every Retainer has a base Apitude, which can be upgraded through the use of specific items.

The table below lists some of the Retainers in the game and their Apitude:

Retainer Apitude
Physician Ge 24
He Yashi 36
Poet Tian 52
Geomancer 58
Guard 55
Leng Er’pi 102

Can Attire be upgraded?

Even though you can unlock different Attires for your Retainers, it cannot be upgraded. This essentially means that the activation effect it has will stay the same, even if the Retainer’s level increases. That being said, players have the opportunity to upgrade their Retainers.

There are numerous ways to upgrade your Retainers, such as increasing their skills, improving their relationship with a Beauty and enhancing their natural talents. It is recommended that you upgrade your Retainers’ regularly, as it has a significant influence on your earnings.

How to procure Retainers

in Trading Legend, you will receive some Retainers as you advance in the story and level up, however, these Retainers are not very powerful.

In order to accumulate rare and powerful Retainers, you have to participate in in-game events, which are limited time occurrences. During an event, you have to complete specific tasks to earn rare and desirable rewards.

In the Retainer menu, you can view how to accumulate a specific character. For example, Actor Liu can be acquired by increasing your status, whereas Blacksmith Cao can only be procured from the Lucky Draw.

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