Trading Legend: All Beauties

Each Beauty in Trading Legend has a set of corresponding Retainers, which can have a direct influence on your gameplay.


Trading Legend is a popular and fun mobile game that allows players to enjoy role-playing elements. You will begin the game as a common citizen in the city of Bianliang, which is the capital city where business is encouraged.

As you discover your new neighbourhood, and progress in the game, you will be able to open your own business with the objective of turning it into a business empire.

As you progress in the game, you will be able to meet various characters. You should remember that some of these characters form part of the story, while others are there to help you complete quests and chapters.

These characters include but are not limited to Beauties and Retainers. It is believed that they make your gameplay much easier.

Trading Legend

What is the objective of obtaining a Beauty?

Even though the Beauty seems like an unimportant aspect, it is an essential part of the game. This because it has a big impact on your gameplay, as all the Beauties have corresponding Retainers. You should remember that beauties will gain more skills as they gain more intimacy.

This has a direct influence on their corresponding Retainers, as they generate additional income. Subsequently, you will have more coins to spend in the game. Additionally, each Beauty has a banner attached to them.

The banner determines the quality of the

they will produce. That being said, you can upgrade the banner as the Beauty’s intimacy and charm increases. This means that the heir’s quality will improve.

Trading Legend: All Beauties

Trading Legend fruiter zheng

As mentioned above, the game features more than 20 different Beauties for you to collect and interact with, and the Beauties are divided into different categories, depending on their rarity and strength.

This means that it will be extremely difficult to obtain super supreme rare (SSR) Beauties, while obtaining common (A) Beauties is very easy. You should note that you can also find supreme rare (SR) and supreme (S) Ceauties.

The following table indicates the beauties in the game, as well as their rarity:

Super supreme rare (SSR)

Supreme rare (SR)

Supreme (S)

Common (A)

– Tu Shanshi

– Queen Fuhao

– Bride

– Mu Qin

– Kou Baimen

– Bian Yujing

– Dong Xiaowan

– Li Xiangjun

– Ma Xianglan

– Ferry Girl

– Exotic Princess

– Weaver Girl

– Cowherd

– Carpenter

– Ringo Ame

– Bride’s Sister

– Bard

– Fox Lady

– Feline Girl

– Horse Trainer

– Captress

– Messenger

– Hmong Lady

– Florist

– Khutulun

– Thai Dancer

– Aliye

– Doctor

– Heroine

– Nanny

– Go Player

– Prostitute

– General

– Secret Agent

– Wanderer

– Infanta

– Rong Yin

– Homeless Girl













– Sarnai

– Housemaid

– Nun

– Shaman

– Dancer

– Pipa Girl

– Football Girl

– Jin Yun

– Landlady

– Actress

– Herbalist

– Huntress














– Esquire

– Assassin

– Umbrella Girl

– Seamstress

– Poetess





















How to obtain a Beauty

It is important to note that some of the Beauties can only be obtained by participating in in-game events. It is thus recommended that you keep an eye out for when an in-game event is occurring for a chance to obtain a new Beauty.

Trading Legend bond

Additionally, you can meet new beauties by going on travels. It is alleged that this is the general method to meet and obtain new Beauties. If that is not an option for you, alternatively, you can increase your VIP points to unlock rare and desirable Beauties.

What are a Beauty’s skills?

You should remember that each Beauty has two types of skills, namely Market skills and Retainer skills. Market skills increase the earnings of buildings, which goes towards your market earnings number.

To upgrade a Market skill, you can select the skill before clicking on “Enhance.” This will select a new random amount and enhance it. If the new amount is greater than the current amount, it will replace the current skill.

As mentioned above, each Beauty has a set of corresponding Retainers. This means that when you upgrade a Beauty’s Retainer skills, the Retainer will earn more money.

However, each Beauty has two types of Retainer skills to upgrade. One skill upgrades the currency while the other upgrades the percentage bonus.

Summoning a Beauty

Once you have earned enough intimacy and charm levels with a Beauty, you will be able to summon them. This means that you can produce an heir with her, but it is recommended that you only produce an heir with Beauties that are highly levelled.

Trading Legend esquire

You should note that there is a chance that you will not obtain an heir as the outcomes are randomly generated. You are able to select the “Auto Summon” box, which will activate 10 summons at the same time. This might mean that you obtain more than one heir.

Final thoughts

Trading Legend is a fun mobile game that invites you to enjoy role-playing elements. You will begin the game as a common citizen in the city of Bianliang but will quickly grow a business empire.

Moreover, you can meet numerous non-player characters (NPCs) that can have a direct influence on your gameplay. Some of the characters you can meet in the game are Retainers and Beauties.

It is important to note that each Beauty has a corresponding Retainer. This means that Beauties have the ability to increase a Retainer’s income and improve their skills.

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