Tower of Fantasy: The Pity System

The Pity System in Tower of Fantasy guarantees you an SSR weapon after your eightieth pull on either the Standard or Premium Banners.

You can indulge yourself in a modern, fictional world set in the far future in this action, ripple-playing game, Tower of Fantasy. Unfortunately, the planet Aida has been contaminated by a mysterious radioactive energy, which has nearly wiped out mankind and mutated the planet’s ecology.

As the wanderer, you can fight mutant creatures and hostile forces while exploring the 5 realms of Aesperia.

Since Tower of Fantasy has a gacha system, players can acquire additional characters and weapons using summoning currencies. Each character and weapon has a specific drop date, but luckily, the game has a Pity System.

Gacha banners

The gacha system in the game is known as Special Orders, which are nothing but the banner mechanism. To access the gacha system, you can open the Hexagonal menu and select the “Special Orders” tab.

In the Gacha menu, there are 3 banners, namely Basic Standard Banner, Standard Banner, and the Rate-up, or Premium Banner. It is noteworthy that each Banner requires a specific summoning currency.

Moreover, each banner has different drop rates for certain characters and weapons. It is recommended that players consider the drop rates before they decide which banner they want to summon.

Tower of Fantasy: The Pity System
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Tower of Fantasy: The Pity System

Tower of Fantasy contains different characters and weapons, namely Rare (R), Supreme-Rare (SR), and Super Supreme Rare (SSR). It is alleged that the SSR weapons and units are the best in the game, while the R category is regarded as the worst.

Since SSR weapons and characters are so powerful, they have the lowest drop rates amongst all the banners. This means that your chances of obtaining a SR and R weapon are much bigger.

Because of this, the game’s developers added a Pity System, which guarantees a SSR weapon after a certain number of pulls.

You should keep in mind that each banner features a unique Pity System:

Banner Required currency Pity System
Basic Standard Banner Purple Nucleus This banner does not have a Pity System
Standard Banner Golden Nucleus Players are guaranteed to receive a SR weapon every 10 pulls and they will receive a material that can be used to obtain an SSR weapon of their choice after every 80 pulls
Premium Banner Red Nucleus You are guaranteed to receive an SSR weapon every 80 pulls, however, there is a 50 percent chance that you will get the Banner SSR weapon

If you pull on the Standard of Premium Banner, you will get a token. Once you have 120 tokens of the same colour, you can exchange them for a copy of the SSR weapon you have obtained earlier through the pulls.

Summoning rates

Players should remember that each banner features different drop rates for each type of weapon:

Banner Rare Supreme Rare Super Supreme Rare
Basic Standard Banner 20 percent 3.5 percent 0.3 percent
Standard Banner 33 percent Between 1 percent and 12.5 percent Between 0.75 percent and 2.2 percent
Premium Banner 33 percent Between 1 percent and 12.5 percent Between 0.75 percent and 2.2 percent

Although the Standard and Premium Banner have the same summoning rates, they feature dissimilar items.

The Premium Banner usually contains items, weapons, and characters that are unavailable in the Standard Banner. Moreover, the weapons and characters in the Premium Banner are generally only available for a limited time.

Does the Pity System reset?

Most gacha titles follow a strict Pity System reset. For instance, the game offers you a Rare item after 30 pulls, but you received a rare pull on your tenth pull.

Despite having 20 more pulls to receive the guaranteed Rare item, the game will reset the entire Pity System cycle. In other words, you have to start again from the first pull.

A pity system reset can be quite frustrating, but luckily, Tower of Fantasy does not reset its Pity System. This means that even if you get an SSR item on your twentieth pull, you are still guaranteed to receive another SSR item on the eightieth pull.

Regardless of how many SSR items you pull, the Pity System does not reset.

How to obtain summoning currencies

Players cannot participate in the gacha system if they do not have the corresponding summoning currency. The following table lists how you can obtain each summoning currency:

Currency How to acquire
Black Nucleus Tower of Fantasy: The Pity System Players can find Black Nuclei by opening chests, exploring the world, and picking it up in the open world
Gold Nucleus Tower of Fantasy: The Pity System Although Gold Nuclei can also be found while adventuring in the open world, they are a lot rarer than their black counterparts
Red Nucleus Tower of Fantasy: The Pity System This currency is primarily obtained as event rewards and developer gifts, but players can purchase them with Dark Crystals and Tanium

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