Tower of Fantasy: Recipes

There are more than 90 recipes you can make in Tower of Fantasy, each of which has a unique effect on your character.

You can indulge yourself in a modern, fantasy world set in the far future in this popular video game, Tower of Fantasy.

The realm has been polluted by a mysterious, powerful radioactive energy, known as Osmium, after a cataclysm that nearly wiped out mankind and mutated the ecology of the planet.

Players assume the role of the wanderer who explores the fictional world while defeating mutant creatures and completing quests. Just like in real life, you can gather and collect resources and ingredients that can be used to cook meals.

Why you should cook in Tower of Fantasy

Even if cooking and consuming meals may seem like unimportant aspects of the game, they are necessary to recover your character’s satiety and health points.

Some meals, when consumed, can provide your character with buffs, which can have an effect on their statistics and abilities.

It is inevitable that your character will suffer damage from fighting and as a result, their health points are reduced. Fortunately, you can consume a meal to replenish their health and potentially increase their damage abilities.

There are 98 recipes in Tower of Fantasy, but each recipe requires specific ingredients. Furthermore, each recipe has a unique effect on your character. Players should familiarise themselves with the recipes and their effects.

Tower of Fantasy: Recipes

Recipes are unique items in the game with which you can cook specific dishes automatically with a 100 percent success rate. Players can find recipes through quests or vendors, or you can create them through the “Creation” cooking option.

Tower of Fantasy: Recipes
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Certain recipes make meals of varying qualities, as indicated by the colour of the border around them. The highest quality is purple, followed by blue and green, and the lowest is white. The higher the food quality, the better the satiety, health restoration, and buffs.

The table below lists some of the recipes in Tower of Fantasy:

Quality Name Ingredient Effect
White Lettuce Salad 2 Lettuce

1 Salad dressing

· Restore 10 percent and 1500 health points

· Restore 5 satiety

White Crispy Grilled Fish 1 Silver bass · Restore 10 satiety
Green Surf and Turf 1 Darby’s sturgeon

2 Poultry eggs

· Restore 8 satiety

· Restore 13 percent and 10 000 health points

Green Meat and Potato Stew 1 Potato

1 Game meat

· Restore 14 satiety
Blue Jam on Toast 1 Small blueberry jar

1 Strawberry

3 Homi grain

· Restore 10 satiety

· Increases volt damage by 1 percent

Blue Fiddlehead Soup 2 Fiddlehead

4 Lettuce

· Restore 10 satiety

· Restore 16 percent and 34 000 health points

Purple Snow Lotus Soup 1 Snow lotus

2 Honey

· Restore 800 stamina

· Restore 20 percent and 60 000 health points

Purple Grilled Steak 1 Prime cut · Restore 20 Satiety

· Volt resistance is increased by 15 percent

How to cook a meal

If you want to cook a meal, you can go to any cooking robot in the game, which is indicated by a pot icon on the map. Open the Cooking menu by interacting with the cooking robot. There are currently 2 ways you can cook a meal.

If you know the recipe, you can choose the dish you want to cook under the “Cooking” tab and make as many as you want with a 100 percent success rate. However, if you have not unlocked the recipe, click on the “Creation” tab and select the ingredients of the meal.

Players can increase the success rate by using a higher quality ingredient. Once you have unlocked the recipe, it will appear in the Cooking tab.

How to change your slotted meals

Players generally slot a specific meal to a hotkey to make consuming the meal easier. This means that you do not have to open your inventory to consume a meal while in battle, instead, you can click on the hotkey to consume it.

At the right side of your health points bar, you will find a food shortcut. You can change your slotted meal by clicking on the downward facing arrow.

If you are playing on a personal computer, you can press the ALT key to reveal the mouse cursor and click on it with your mouse.

What is the best food to create?

Although all meals are important in the game, some can provide your character with better buffs and health benefits. The best food to create in early-game is:

Name Ingredient Effect
Nut tea 1 Hazelnut

2 Pinecone

2 Honey

·   Restore 20 satiety

·   Restore 20 percent and 60 000 health points

Caterpillar fungus noodles 1 Caterpillar fungus

3 Brown rice

·   Restore 20 satiety

·   Restore 20 percent and 60 000 health points

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